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March 10, 2008


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Selfishness was totally vanquished by the self-giving of Our Lord upon the Cross who redeemed all mankind, explaining to the Apostles before He experienced His passion that the seed must die to bear fruit. This total self-giving, loving act accomplished by the God-Man, the ultimate Sacrifice, enabled humanity’s redemption. In like manner Our Lady was the anti-thesis of both Lucifer’s vanity and the selfish act of our first parents. Vanity, pride, disobedience all were vanquished. It is clear now that ‘Tota Pulchra’ or the ‘all beautiful Virgin’ ignored her beauty (unlike Lucifer) and sealed her love for God which is beauty itself. The Dragon was represented by certain heavenly bodies which symbolised Lucifer’s perfection and status in Creation, Our Lady has eclipsed Lucifer, for as he was represented in Creation by both the Morning Star (Isaiah 14:12) and the North Star (Thuban in the constellation of Draco – in Egyptian times), her beauty surpassed his baneful fall and she became ever more fair. She now is represented by Polaris, the new North Star in Ursa Minor (Our Lady Star of the Sea) and Venus the Morning Star (Litany of Loreto). She has stripped him of his beauty, the perfect cherubim, who was so to speak ‘defrocked’ of his honour before Creation. The Immaculate Conception became ‘Queen of angels and mankind.’

All Hail Star of the Sea, Tota Pulchra!

Our Lady of Czestochowa


Praying in Tongues


Átaremma i ëa han ëa · na aire esselya · aranielya na tuluva ·

na care indómelya cemende tambe Erumande : ámen anta síra ilaurëa massamma ·

ar ámen apsene úcaremmar sív’ emme apsenet tien i úcarer emmen.

Álame tulya úsahtienna mal áme etelehta ulcullo :

násie :


Aia María quanta Eruanno i Héru as elye,
aistana elye imíca n´si, ar aistana i yáve mónalyo Yésus.
Aire María Eruo ontaril á hyame r´men úcarindor s´ ar lúmesse ya firuvamme.


Attolma i menelessie, nai airitainiéva esselya.

Nai ardalya tuluva.

Nai írelya tyarniéva mardesse ve menelesse.

Anta men síre ilyaurea mastalma.

Ar avanta men raikalmar ve avantalme raikatyarolmain.

Ar nai útukuvalye me mailenna

ná fainu me ulkallo. Amen.



Saluton, Maria, gracoplena,
la Sinjoro estas kun vi.
Benata vi estas inter la virinoj
kaj benata estas la frukto de via sino, Jesuo.

Sankta Maria, Dipatrino,
preĝu por ni pekuloj
nun kaj en la horo de nia morto.


Sliema Ghalik Marija

Bil-Grazzja Mimlija

Il-Mulej Mieghek

Imbierka Inti Fost In-Nisa

U Mbierek Il-Frott Tal-Guf Tieghek Gesu.

Qaddisa Marija Omm Alla

Itlob Ghalina L-Midinbin

Issa u Fis-Siegha

Tal-Mewt Taghna.




 Zdrowaœ Maryjo

łaski pełna;

Pan z tobą

Błogosławiona tyœ między niewiastami

i błogosławiony owoc żywota twojego Jezus.

Œwięta Maryjo, matko Boga

módl się za nami grzesznymi

teraz i w godzinę œmierci naszej.


Hebrew Our Father – The Lord’s Prayer in Hebrew –

Aramaic Our Father – The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic –

13 Languages Our Father – The Lord’s Prayer in 13 Languages –


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