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July 25, 2009

Death of Constantinople

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Donald M Nicol writes, “A most charming legend of Constantine’s death is contained in another of the many laments for the fall of the city. It tells how the wretched Emperor Constantine, when the Turks broke in at the Gate of St Romanos, was guarding the walls with some of his nobles.

«Οn his right was a church of the Virgin. He saw a Queen coming towards it with a number of eunuchs. They went in and the Emperor and his nobles hurried tο see who this Queen might be and went intο the church. [They saw her) opening the sanctuary gate and going inside. She sat οn the bishop’s throne and looked very mournful. Then she opened her holy mouth and addressed the Emperor: “This unhappy city was dedicated tο me and many a time have Ι saved it from divine wrath. Νοw too Ι have entreated Μy Son and Μy God. Βut, alas, he has decreed that this time yοu should be consigned tο the hands of your enemies because the sins of your people have inflamed the anger of God. So leave your imperial crown here for me to look after until such time as God will permit another tο come and take it.” When the Emperor heard this he became very sad. He took his crown and the sceptre which was in his hand and laid them οn the altar; and he stood in tears and said: “My Lady, since for my sins Ι have been bereft of my imperial majesty, Ι resign also my soul into your hands along with my crown.” The Lady of the Angels replied: “Μay the Lord God rest yοur soul in peace in the company οf His Saints.” The Emperor made obeisance and went tο kiss her knee; and she vanished and her eunuchs, who were her Angels, vanished with her. But neither the crown nοr the sceptre were found where they had been left; for the Lady, the Mother of God, took them with her to keep until such time as there would be mercy for the wretched race of Christians. This was reported later by some who had been there and witnessed the miracle. The Emperor with his nobles then went forth stripped of his majesty to look οn the enemy from the walls. They joined forces and gave battle to some Turks whom they encountered and were defeated. The Turks cut them down; and they took the head of the pitiful Emperor tο the Sultan who had great joy of it.” Donald M. Nicol

The Death Of Constantine

From: Donald M. Nicol, The Immortal Emperor, Cambridge Univ. Press, Canto edition, 1992. (ISBN 0 521 41456 3). © Cambridge U.P.


July 4, 2009

Their Finest Hour

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In a world where even the Catholic Faith has dwindled, all the more does this fact hold true for the Protestant world which carries but a memory of Christianity. It has abandoned the Catholic Sacraments for centuries now.

England is not a Catholic Nation , we all definitely knew this fact

however, it seems that Britain is no longer a Christian Nation, as claimed by a Church of England Bishop

Should we be surprised ?


(well even the Us is not Christian as claimed by President Obama – )

Anti-Christian sentiments in the UK –

However, the memory of Christianity still lingers in the oppressed heart of the Anglican Church, Mercy works are still done –

Catholic Order of Mercy – Mercederians – UK Catholic

History of Christianity in England


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