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November 9, 2009

Energy or the spirit ?

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Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism and Islam are  well respected, definitely all are not cults or sects but religions in their own right. The bone of contention arises when modern day New Age borrows from the Eastern mystic religions (Hinduism and Buddhism) and incorporates certain tenets into its own cult and sect organizations. Case in point the energy Chakra system.

The energy, (referred to as prana, chi, life-force, subtle energy) is said to emanate from the energy centres of the body and is also received through these same centres, these centres being the chakras. According to Prof. Madhavan this energy system is intimately related to the electromagnetic field surrounding the human body. In his leaflet which can be seen here he includes Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawings of the human body. I disagree that Leonardo’s work should be somehow linked with the Chakra system. If that was the Profs intention I do not know, however Leonardo being a Catholic and a man who lived 500 years ago did not make use of the Chakra system, nor do any of his writings prove otherwise.

Leonardo who was considered to be both a Catholic and a science genius, discovering the principles of flight and also, designing a helicopter and a mechanized robot 500 years ago, was at odds with the medical academia who, while the genius leaped ahead in his studies of anatomy, were still wallowing in the turbid pool of the medieval belief in the theory of the humor

Allegedly an imbalance in this so called humor produced diseases. I guess that a vague similarity does exist between the theory of the humor and the Chakra system, ( in the latter an imbalance in the energy system is said to cause diseases and illnesses of mind and body).

In this world of globalisation both Western and Eastern medicine have met. An advantage of this mixing was the acquisition in the Western world of the therapy referred to as Acupuncture. This system also employs the mystic Eastern understanding of the balancing out of the Yin-Yan energies, however the acupuncture pins are placed along the meridians and dermatomes on the body and a mechanical stimulation occurs. A scientific basis exists

Unlike Acupuncture, the Chakra therapies seem not to be based on any scientific fundamentals. I am trying to be objective and unbiased, does the Hindu and Buddhic view of the Chakras differ from the New Age therapies, such as Reiki and Universal Energy ? The Chakra system adherents and believers should help Western medical science, if anything, understand the topic of electromagnetic fields encompassing the body. I guess that Prof Madhavan might be chasing this avenue. In the far East it has been known for a long while that if an organ in the human body is sickly, infected, inflamed a change in the electromagnetic field of the body results. A device might be developed which can actually capture and distinguish between the various electromagnetic variations, evidently Kirlian photography is a step into this direction Unfortunately these ideas were also victim of certain twists, in New Age and particularly in Blavatsky’s Theosophy, a man can apparently be trained to have his/her third eye opened to be able to see the aura. The third eye being a Chakra.

So what is the energy involved in the Chakra system ? Is it the aura ? Is it the electromagnetic field around a body ? To note that any field can be generated around a three dimensional system, this would include electrostatic, gravitational, magnetic, biomagnetic and electromagnetic. The latter being further subdivided into many other energy levels (electromagnetic spectrum and if one is unlucky to eat a piece of radio-active sushi in some London restaurant, he would also radiate other particles and energies!!

If the Chakra system makes use of the bio-electromagnetic field surrounding the human body then we can safely say that it is a science, or makes use of physical laws, therefor Reiki and Universal Energy would be akin to a science as much as Acupuncture. Alas, I believe that it is not so. At least the New Age Chakra system does not employ pure scientific principles within its mechanism. As regards to the Buddhic and Hindu Chakra systems I wouldn’t know, however if the systems in question are all identical, then I fear for the latter systems to.

In New Age, the Theosophical branch, considers the aura as surrounding every living thing and inanimate object. In fact buildings are said to have new auras added onto the old ones every 100 years. We are now walking upon a slippery slope overlooking a precipice, for this particular aura is likened with the Christian halo. Error is evident here, the Christian halo is a measure of the spiritual holiness from a Christian perspective, i.e. Love of Adonai and neighbour and steadfast faithfulness to the 10 Commandments and the Catholic Faith and Magisterium. The aura has absolutely nothing to do with this. If the aura is the bio-electromagnetic field which surrounds the body it does not necessarily change with varying degrees of Christian holiness. So one cannot say, “let me have a look at your bio-electromagnetic field, so that I can determine your holiness”. That is quite pathetic!!! But your health – then that is something else!!!

The mind/brain has an electric field which resonates at a frequency of 8 Hz. The nervous system works purely with electric and chemical impulses and each cell has a magnetic and a distinct electric field. In fact modern science has discovered that both an extream low frequency field and a low pulsed magnetic field can influence the cellular electric field causing a cascade of physiological effects. There are two basic ideas which can be developed from this. The first being Nikola Tesla’s theory of adding miniscule amounts of energy, which would result in a huge change especially when the resonant frequency is reached. While the second states that all body cellular chemical reactions and synthesis can be created by way of the modulating external magnetic field which alters the cellular magnetic and electric fields. The first theory was used by Royal Raymond Rife in the 50’s successfully against cancer cells while the second was developed by NASA and CIA scientists to synthesize cellular chemicals by way of the cell’s natural MRNA, RRNA and DNA processes by use of external rotating magnetic fields

“you can induce virtually every effect that a chemical can cause in a living system with aaaa – pause – an external – pause – primarily low frequency magnetic field”

The secret services also invented devices which can modulate a person’s behavior by way of stimulating remotely the nervous system with rotating magnetic fields set at various frequencies which stimulate various responses due to induced chemical changes and induced hormonal secretions. Computer screen and digital TV can also be remotely modulated to induce such changes on the viewer by stimulating the retina which is part of the nervous system. Other science carried out today involves the remote modulation of a person’s behavior by the aid of circuits in the brain. And on a more benign note sleep science and brain/heart electric wave patterns have been studied extensively – ecg/eeg.

When I was a New Age adherent I had my chakras opened 30 % this for me to be able to transmit the New Age energy, which was called universal energy. It was explained to me that this was a science like Acupuncture therapy, that it involved the same energies and that this energy is used for the healing of patients by the New Age version of the laying of hands. If my chakras were opened to 100% I could also transmit the energy mentally and restore the energy balance in the patient from a far off distance. But from all the energies mentioned, which energy is this ? I was silenced easily by the reply that electricity is also a mystery. But this might not be so. Science is attempting to discover the ‘god’ particle with the most expensive hadron collider ever built (at CERN, in the world. The Higgs boson is a theory, so is the relativity theory and its mathematical absurd explanations of the interactions of gravity with light. But my preference is the Aether theory which has been kept in the dark for many a year (probably just to keep the oil industry profitable)

But is the Aether field the energy used by the Chakra System ? Very unlikely.

The Aether explains the absurd way light behaves – particles and wave patterns. The Aether field is made up of very fine energy particles which are everywhere, according to Tesla’s Dynamic Theory of Gravity, gravity is actually an effect created when matter passes through this field. Therefor, the aether carries the electromagnetic wave similarly to the manner how mechanical sound waves propagate. Therefor, in applying Megapulse therapy to a patient a physiotherapist is actually supplying energy in this manner by use of the Aether. The gross effects of the PEME machine are very indiscriminate and specific select energy direction for targeted changes (such as the ones mentioned above – ie. targeting glands for hormonal production e.g. insulin production in pancreas, neurotransmitters in the brain for Parkinsons reversal etc etc) is as yet unachievable with present ‘gross’ physiotherapeutic/radiological/radiotherapy machines.

My Chakras were opened by the secret invocation of the Universal Energy Master. The instructor placed his hands on my head and shoulder and invoked the name of his Master. He was therefor praying !!!

The spirit received was evidently not energy nor the Holy Spirit, who is received through the Catholic sacraments and the Christian/Catholic laying of hands. We Catholics believe that the Holy Spirit descends on us only due to the fact that Jesus Christ (Our Lord and God) has ascended to the Father. This makes us a UNIQUE race. This means that no other religion, has the Holy Spirit descending upon its followers!!!

A faint similarity exists between the Chakra opening and the Christian sacrament of Baptism. In Baptism a mark is placed upon the neophyte, but who knows how many different marks exist in various sect/cult invocations, what comes to mind is the satanist invocation of satan and the masonic invocation of the Great Architect of the Universe. Therefor, not all marks are the same, nor of the same spirit.

Therefor, in my opinion it is an obvious matter that the Chakras in New Age are opened by a spirit and this is no science but a spiritualistic medium.

On another note, Mr Rajan Zed and a Jewish Rabbi are asking Malta to change its laws regarding the term ‘cults’ and the imprisonment sentence for offending the Maltese State’s Religion – the Catholic Faith. While it is true that both the Hindu religion and Judaism are not sects nor cults, we read..

“Malta Criminal Code reportedly makes one liable to imprisonment up to six months for publicly vilifying “Roman Catholic Apostolic Religion”, while committing such act against “any cult tolerated by law” makes one liable to imprisonment only up to three months.

Rajan Zed, acclaimed Hindu statesman; and Rabbi Jonathan B. Freirich, prominent Jewish leader in Nevada and California in USA; in a statement in Nevada, said that it seemed to imply that except Roman Catholic, other religions and denominations including Hinduism and Judaism were just one of the cults in the eyes of Malta……”

The fact that the Catholic Faith is an integral part of the Maltese Constitution doesn’t seem to bother these people who do not comment much regarding the Hindu killings of Christians which occurred in Orissa, India or the Talmudic claim that the Blessed Virgin was a whore.

But anyway, yet on another note I read that both the Shaolin monks and the Indian Kalari fighters are in Malta. The fact that they are performing feats which defy the laws of physics, what certain people might call mind over matter, doesnt seem to be bothering anyone. Could there be any energy / spiritic play in these performances ? Special powers from beyond ?

At the Mediterranean Conference Centre the Knights Hospitaller of St John the Baptist cared for the sick. They exposed the sick to the radiant Holy Eucharist, sprinkled Holy Water and nursed the sick as though the infirm were the Lord Himself, this provided ample help in the Knights’ daily necessities and war activities.

If a Maltese exorcist, trained by Father Gabriele Amorth in Rome, were to sprinkle holy water or exorcist’s salt on the stage before the Shaolin and Kalari performance, would you think that the Easternlings would perform feats of mind over matter and defy the laws of physics ?


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