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January 31, 2012

Myth Or Fact

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I was casually reading “The End of the present world” by Fr Charles Arminjon when I came across the following text which seemed quite in general keeping with the investigations of this blog. I am reproducing the text here:

Pg 12

“At the times of the Maccabees, signs were already seen in the sky. For forty days, the whole city of Jerusalem observed men on horseback in the air, clad in gold brocade and armed with lances, like cavalry units. the horses, drawn up in squadrons, charged one another. The men seemed to be armed with javelins and drawn swords; their weapons were made of gold, and their helmets and breastplate were dazzling. The terror-stricken people prayed fervently to God, in order that these omens might turn to their deliverance, and not to their confusion and ruin. 2 Macc 3:22-30

During the siege of Jerusalem, under Titus, the Holy of Holies and the Temple were shaken by mysterious movements; strange noises were heard coming from them, and voices from invisible beings cried out, “Let us depart hence, let us depart hence.” A Grand Rabbi, dumbfounded by these terrifying,  supernatural manifestations, exclaimed, “O Temple, why are you troubled, and why do you frighten yourself?”

I borrowed the following image from a blog post which I haven’t read – – the movie ‘Immortals’ gives me the impression of being a modern day picture based on a mixture of neo-classical pagan myth and Judeo/Christian stories.

To further end this post in modern-day fictitious myth, I shall quote JRR Tolkien – “The Book of lost tales 2 – Turambar and the Foaloke” – …….. but Turambar indeed shall stand beside Fionwe in the Great Wrack, and Melko and his drakes shall curse the sword of Mormakil.'”


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