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A Russian Madonna is the same as the Catholic one – Our Lady Of Kazan



The legend of “Our Lady of Kazan” continued to grow throughout the years in Russia.  According to the Russian Government, it’s reported that during WWII the Virgin Mary appeared to the Metropolitan of the Antioch Patriarchate Elias,

As plans were being drawn up for surrendering Leningrad (now St.Petersburg), to the Nazis the Virgin Mary said to Patriarchate Elias , the Icon of Our Lady of Kazan must be carried in religious procession around the city to prevent the enemy from ever setting foot on the city’s sacred land. A religious service must be held before the Icon of the Mother of God of Kazan in Moscow, and then the Icon must be taken to Stalingrad, which should never be surrendered to the enemy. The Icon of the Mother of God of Kazan must follow the Russian troops to the national borders. The residents of the besieged Leningrad were first astonished and then inspired by the sight of the miracle-working Icon of the Mother of God of Kazan, which was carried in religious procession. Rumors began to spread that on the very same day a group of Nazi tanks that had fought their way almost to the city outskirts came to a halt because the tank engines died and would not re-start for no obvious reason. The Nazi tanks remained there until wiped out by the Moscow defenders.”^Lyubov Tsarevskaya Voice of Russia.


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