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July 23, 2017


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Read through ROMEGAS by Carmel Testa and found that the 1500s were terrible years to be alive and maybe enslaved in either one of Suleiman the Magnificent’s vessels or else if muslim at the oars of Emperor Charles the Fifth’s galleys. The non-fiction and historic biography describes in certain detail nowadays little mentioned sea and land battles which took place in the South of the Mediterranean particularly in Algeria, Lbya and Tunisia. Much insight is given into Barbarossa’s rise to power as King of Algiers and Tunisia and eventually also the Admiral of the Ottoman Navy. His first step being his retribution and vengeance against a few co-nationals who had abused his brother whilst selling their father’s pots from a boat somehwere in the Greek Isles. More incredibly Testa describes Dragut’s (or Torghoud Reis) first few steps in the ascent of power as a barbary pleasure boy who seemed to have relished every moment of his evil pleasuring boyhood at the hands of Barbarossa. Finally, following a lengthy background introduction we finally get to read on Romegas (Fra Mathurin de Lescaut Romegas) and the intrepid, daring (yet quarelsome) Hospitallier Knights who swore pledges never to cease chasing away the infidel be they Moslems or Protestant Heugenots. The Knights made three important vows; poverty, celibacy and obedience to the Grand Master and ultimately to Papal Rome. To some degree good knights there must have been who till the very end kept such vows however we all are aware of the frailties and weaknesses of the human nature. Romegas himself fathered six children and a certain Bolognese knight kept permanent concubines and most if not all loved their jewels. Romegas had an outstanding career as a sailor / soldier and in his fifties died ‘heartbroken’ in Rome as he was chosen as the head of a rebellion and final imprisonment of the Grand Master Le Cassier; Le Cassier’s seeming mistake was to defend celibacy. Seeing the iniquity caused by the pleasures of the flesh within his Order’s ranks the Grand Master ordered all the prostitutes of the new City Valletta to be sent away (both local and foreign) from the Island. This brought him mutiny and following the rebellion both Romegas and Le Cassier were summoned to Rome, both eventually died there. The King of France and all Europe including Rome sided in this last matter with Le Cassier.
Well above I described sparingly this work or biography on Romegas however out of the many striking details and anecdotes and historical events I tended to query any possible parallelisms with our modern world particularly with witchcraft. Modern witches claim to have power over the very elements of nature, that is on the weather. Rubbish and hogwash for some but not for those who practise this devil or spirit worship, nowadays rituals in the more permissive parts of the world are to put it quite simply ‘public’. Testa describes certain weather patters which time and again destroyed the Order’s ships or fleet. And such storms were described in those days as ‘freak weather storms’.
The following is a short list:
24th October 1541 in Algeria – terrible storms wrecked the greater part of the Christian fleet…
12th October 1566? – south-west tempests threw the Catarinetta onto the coast…
7pm 23rd September 1555 – A hurricane, a water spout and a tidal wave swept over the Grand Harbour destroying houses, wrenching the Order’s banner from atop Fort St Angelo from its base and capsizing four galleys of the Order which overturned. Romegas was on one of these and survived.
10th February 1560 at Djerba “…bad luck dogged them the whole time … freak storms wrecked some galleys … ”
Well I superficially made a quick google search and found that possibly the Ottoman Empire or certain personas there might have used witchcraft as a weapon of war against their enemies. I would not comment on its effectiveness or whether the weather ‘freak’ storms were simply a coincidence however in 1656 in Czestochowa Poland the invading Swedes used witchcraft against the Fort of Our Lady and this is documented extensively.

Here following are listed some sources and references providing insight into what we might refer today as ESP (if atheist) or blatant witchcraft if one is a believer in the existance of the primordial spirits. The sources deal with the Ukrainian / Polish wife (a moslem convert) of the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and on the culture of the day in Turkey.
The Imperial Harem
Roxolana in European Literature Histroy and Culture
Roxolana in European History and Literature
Muslim magic – Islam has always dabbled in the occult

Fra Mathurin de Lescaut Romegas’s CURRICULUM VITAE

1546: 18 years old: Ordained FRA and took the vows of clibacy, poverty and obedience.

1547: Captured 1 brigantine.
55 prisoners, 60 freed.

1548: Captured 4 caramousals.
330 prisoners, + 1 village.

1548: Captured 2 vessels.
470 prisoners.

1551: Romegas becomes a Lieutenet. Captured: 2 caramousals, 2 vessels, 1 garbo.
272 prisoners, 1 ruby, i emerald.

1551: Captured: 2 brigantines, 2 galleottes and another vessel.
150 prisoners, 100 freed.

1553: From now onwards Romegas is Captain or in charge. Captured: 2 large vessels.
200 prisoners.

1554: Captured: 2 large vessels.
120 prisoners.

1555: Captured: 1 ship, 1 burnt sunk vessel, 1 treasurer belonging to Dragut, 3 garbi, 1 caramousal, 1 galleotte, 1 other galleotte.
85+70+110 prisoners, 140 freed.

1555: Romegas overturns in freak storm and together with pet monkey is saved. 5000 people lose their lives.

1556: Captured; 1 village, 1 caramousal, 1 galleotte.
250+70+22+130+80 prisoners.

1557: 1 vessel carrying a cargo of soap, 2 caramousali, 1 sunk galleon.
22+8+400 prisoners + soap.

1558: 1 burnt ship.
70 prisoners.

1559: Captured: 3 caramousali, 1 ship.
200 prisoners.

1560: 2 saette, 2 garbi, 1 village.
70 + 80 prisoners.

1561: 1 great galleon,
100 + 24 bronze cannon.

1565: Captain of the body-guard of Grand Master Valette consisting of 220 persons only 17 survived the siege.

1566: Captured: 2 galleottes, 1 nephew of Dragut, 1 brigantine.
80 + 25 prisoners.

1567: 1 galleotte, 1 caramousal, 1 failed sacked fortress.
60 + 130 prisoners, 70 freed.

1568: Captured: 2 galleottes, 1 saeta, 2 garbos.
21 + 17 + 140 prisoners, freed a few.

1569: Captured: 2 brigantines, 1 other brigantine, 1 saeta, was wounded on land 2 times by arquebus and fire and 17 times with arrows and survived.
50 + 10 prisoners.

Lepanto served on the Papal galleys and after was given 2 vessels to defend the Roman shore.

Fought in France against the Hugenots and was given 2 Venetian vessels to fight in a battle near Corfu whilst the Holy League lasted.

Defended the Maltese Islands once again against Ulugh Ali.

Was appointed Prior of Ireland.

Elected Grand Commander and Prior of Toulouse and served as Captain-General of the Galleys.

Commanded the Napolitan Galleys in an expedition.

1570s: Captured: 1 ship, 1 moana, 2 caramousals, 1 galleotte, and lots of cargo including linen, rice, oil, materials of war, leather, etc etc.

1581: Head of rebellion (elected by council to be their head and representative) vs Grand Master Le cassier.

1581: Dies in Rome.


May 19, 2016

Church of the Dormition of the Virgin in Orchomenos

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After the setbacks suffered by the Italian troops in Albania, Hitler decided to invade Greece. The following is an excerpt from the magazine Historia of January 1967: A column of tanks arrived at the village of Orchomenos, 120 km from Athens, on the morning of September 10, 1943. The population was in fear because a nearby village had been completely destroyed the day before.

This is when a miracle occurred. The Virgin appeared in a dazzling light, blocking the German commander’s way who was leading the column of tanks, and ordered: “You will not harm the people of Orchomenos!” The village was spared, and the column of enemy tanks continued on without any violence. The German officer later made the gift of a

painting of his vision to the Church of the Dormition of the Virgin in Orchomenus… Our Marist brothers in Athens visited the scene of these reported events to verify the facts. They were able to talk with several local farmers, and everything they said corroborated the story. Afterwards, a Pontifical Mass was celebrated in the church, one of the oldest in the world since it used to be a pagan temple.

According to Historia, it is the oldest church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. J-P. Osmont In Présence Invisible Recueil marial 1984

A la suite des revers subis par les armées italiennes en Albanie, Hitler décida d’envahir la Grèce. Voici à ce propos un extrait de la revue Historia de janvier 1967 :

Une colonne de chars d’assaut arriva devant le village d’Orchomène, à 120 km d’Athènes, au matin du 10 septembre 1943. La population était dans la terreur, car un village voisin avait été complètement détruit la veille. C’est alors que se produit un miracle. La Vierge apparaît, éblouissante de lumière, retenant le colonel allemand qui dirige la colonne de chars et ordonne : “Tu ne nuiras point au peuple d’Orchomène !”

Le village est épargné et la colonne continue sa route sans aucune violence. L’officier allemand devait un peu plus tard offrir à l’église d’Orchomène un tableau représentant sa vision et que la revue Historia reproduit.

Nos frères d’Athènes (maristes) sont allés sur place vérifier les faits. Ils ont pu causer avec nombre de paysans, et tout concorde. Une messe pontificale est ainsi célébrée dans cette église, une des plus anciennes du monde puisque c’est un ancien temple païen, et, dit Historia, la plus ancienne consacrée à la Vierge Marie. Elle est dédiée à la Dormition de la Vierge.

J-P. Osmont
Dans Présence Invisible
Recueil marial 1984




July 25, 2015

A possible miracle

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This article reminds me of the supernatural phenomena which occurred in Italy preceding Napoleon Bonaparte’s visit… To be understood that Napoleon is viewed as an antichristian figure (and not as a war hero nor emperor)…

… for a general read on the miraculous phenomena exhibited in those days, please proceed to …



By Stoyan Zaimov , Christian Post Reporter

Roman Catholic parishioners at a church in Sydney claim to be witnessing a miracle concerning a painting of the Virgin Mary, with a video that has gone viral online showing her moving her lips during prayer time.

Members of the congregation at Saint Charbel’s Maronite Catholic Church in Punchbowl in Sydney have uploaded a number of videos of the alleged miracle, Yahoo7 News reported, which are now being shared around social media.

Akary claimed on Facebook that the video is not a trick, as he has seen the lips moving during prayer on several occasions and under different lighting.

“To clarify for the viewers … I saw this during mass and at the end of mass the rosary is prayed. I went to the altar and wanted to confirm via recording it … lights are not relevant and there flickering, etc. as I have seen this occur under various lighting and have considered those possibilities. It is what it is. … I also did notice whilst the people were praying the lips sped up or slowed down to the prayer been said,” he wrote.

Akary added that the supposed miracle also occurs with other images at the church during rosary prayer, and invited people to come to the church and witness the occurrences for themselves.

Another Catholic who uploaded footage of the painting was Kirsten Keirouz, who told Daily Mail Australia she first witnessed the Virgin Mary moving her lips when two of her friends nudged her during church service and told her to “look at the painting.”

“Once I looked up, I had no idea what they wanted me to look at and I saw her [the Virgin Mary] mouth moving. I then asked my friend: ‘Is it her mouth?’ She replied ‘yes.’ and then I got the shivers throughout my whole body. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I kept blinking in case I was seeing things,” Keirouz said.

Not all are convinced by the video, however, and Saint Charbel’s Father Superior Joseph Sleiman said that he believes parishioners are seeing an optical illusion rather than a miracle.

“I do not consider this to be a miracle, but I still encourage personal reflection and spirituality,” Sleiman said.

May 9, 2015

Austrio-Hungarian Emperor Karl von Habsburg

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At present in my possession I have a book written by Dennis Mifsud titled ‘ Thy Will be done’. It deals with the life of Karl von Hapsburg, the last Austrio-Hungarian Emperor.  Since Roman days the world had seen many Emperors however few were truly worthy. If this topic is deemed interesting definitely one should study their lives, though the differences between one and the other are obvious and very contrasting. Some were conquerors, others are remembered for their great persecutions, being fierce and cruel just like the devil. Others still loved and basked in power and snatched the title for themselves, such as Napoleon,  and others there were holy (or semi-holy) and victorious in war such as Constantine and Blessed Charles the Great. In this case Karl von Hapsburg who was similarly holy and a peacemaker, probably just like King St Louis was not very successful at war (a peacemaker) but holy nonetheless. Due to copyright reasons I will not be quoting directly but if you could get a copy of ‘Thy will be done!’ by Dennis Mifsud 2010 it is a very good read.

On August 17, 1887, Karl of Asburg was born in Persenbeug in lower Austria, the son of Franz Josef of Hapsburg, brother of Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Austria. Following the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, Karl I became heir to the throne of the Hapsburg Empire. In 1916, Emperor Franz Josef died during the First World War and Karl ascended the throne as Karl I, or Charles I, of Austria and Károly IV of Hungary. Karl I assiduously attempted to halt the escalation of the First World War, he commanded the XX corps at Verdun and Somme and although victorious was nauseated by the slaughter. From that point onwards he attempted all in his power to stop the War by diplomatic ways. During the war years Karl I was said of having worn out the gold Holy Rosary beads his wife had given him by his frequent recitation, so much so that his wife had given him another one. He was successful at preventing the German Kaiser from using poison gas on the enemy and halted the destruction of Venice by a submarine attack. Following the end of WWI the secret brotherhoods in his Kingdom were successful at ousting their King from power, a Christian Monarch was deemed as a public enemy. Karl of Asburg died exiled on the Island of Madeira, he was ostracized and abandoned by his allies who refused to help the last potential Christian Emperor. His funeral was held at Nossa Senhora do Monte, 30,000 people attended the funeral of the 34-year-old Emperor.

Therefore, Karl von Hapsburg was in truth a successor of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, who together with his wife Sophie, was murdered in Sarajevo in June 28, 1914 (by the revolutionary messenger of the black hand, Princep – who was by the way no prince but a cold blooded assassin) and which had precipitated the world into World War One 1914 – 1918.

Dennis Mifsud’s book speaks and deals with the many cases of holiness Karl von Hapsburg displayed in his life, especially on the battlefield. Although great wars of conquest did not occur in his case, (similarly to St Louis of France), he saved the lives of soldiers and is accredited for having saved the Italian city of Venice from the Kaiser’s U-Boat attacks, he also comforted many people.

Most strikingly for me as a Maltese, this personality who died at the tender age of 34 exiled on the Island of Madeira had to be exiled in Malta by the British powers of the time. He was King of Hungary, Emperor of Austria and when he received the crown he had taken an oath to defend St Stephen’s crown and accepted his fate of exile.

He had not abdicated! His was a forced dethronement!

In 1921 from the Abbey of Tihany the couple was told that they were to be transported by the said British powers from Austria to Malta. They received an Apostolic Blessing by the Papal Nuncio The British commander had kind words for him, “He proved to be a devout Catholic, and gave the most sublime example of courage and dignity in the face of adversity that I have seen.” Relatio et vota Consultori storici, p. 46.

His wife explains further, “…after we had changed ships several times, after we had passed Constantinople, the Dardanelles, and the islands of Greece, and after we began heading towards the coast of Africa – supposedly to Malta – we continued towards Gibraltar where we finally learned the destination of our voyage. While the officers on duty tried their best to make our stay more bearable… The servant of God was distressed not to be able to participate in Holy Mass and to receive Holy Communion. He asked for it repeatedly before we reached Gibraltar, but in vain… While at Gibraltar, a priest was given permission to celebrate Holy Mass onboard the ship. The servant of God served at the altar and we both received Holy Communion. On this occasion we also made confession and asked for holy water. After a short stay we continued the journey to Madeira, where we landed on November 19, 1921… even before his fatal illness – and death which took place a few months later – he understood that God wanted from him the sacrifice of his life…” Summ. Test., pp. 552-554 733, Empress Zita. 107 Summ. Test., pp. 106-107, ad 35, Alfred Keisewetter.

Just for historical purposes it would be interesting to know how come this historical figure was taken to Madeira rather than Malta. The following is Wiki’s explanation, “Charles I, the last Emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, went into exile in Madeira, after his second unsuccessful coup d’état in Hungary. He died there on 1 April 1922 and is buried in Monte. Charles had tried in 1917 to secretly enter into peace negotiations with France. Although his foreign minister, Ottokar Czernin, was interested only in negotiating a general peace to include Germany, Charles independently pursued a separate peace. He negotiated with the French using his brother-in-law, Prince Sixtus of Bourbon-Parma, an officer in the Belgian Army, as intermediary. When news of the overture leaked in April 1918, Charles denied involvement until the French Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau published letters signed by him. Czernin resigned and Austria-Hungary became more dependent in relation to its seemingly wronged German ally. Determined to prevent an attempt to restore Charles to the throne, the Council of Allied Powers agreed he could go into exile on Madeira because it was isolated in the Atlantic and easily guarded.[26]  The New York Times, 6 November 1921 (accessed 4 May 2009)

April 26, 2015

After vision of Christ, Nigerian bishop says rosary will bring down Boko Haram

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A Nigerian bishop says that he has seen Christ in a vision and now knows that the rosary is the key to ridding the country of the Islamist terrorist organization Boko Haram.

Bishop Oliver Dashe Doeme says he is being driven by a God-given mandate to lead others in praying the rosary until the extremist group disappears.

“Towards the end of last year I was in my chapel before the Blessed Sacrament… praying the rosary, and then suddenly the Lord appeared,” Bishop Dashe told EWTN News April 18.

In the vision, the prelate said, Jesus didn’t say anything at first, but extended a sword toward him, and he in turn reached out for it.

“As soon as I received the sword, it turned into a rosary,” the bishop said, adding that Jesus then told him three times: “Boko Haram is gone.”

“I didn’t need any prophet to give me the explanation,” he said. “It was clear that with the rosary we would be able to expel Boko Haram.”

The bishop said he didn’t want to tell anyone, but “felt that the Holy Spirit was pushing him to do so.”

He started with the priests of his diocese, and then told participants in the April 17-19 #WeAreN2015 congress in Madrid, Spain. The event is being sponsored by the Spanish Catholic sister groups and CitizenGo to gather ideas on how to preserve the Christian presence in nations where they are most persecuted.

Bishop Dashe leads the Diocese of Maiduguri, in northeastern Nigeria’s Borno State. In 2009, there were around 125,000 Catholics under his guidance. After a surge in violence from the Islamist extremist group called Boko Haram, today “there are only 50 to 60 thousand left,” he said.

Most of those who fled sought safer areas in other parts of Nigeria, he said. Some of the same families are now returning home as armed forces from Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon liberate their homes.

In 2014, Boko Haram became known worldwide when members kidnapped nearly 300 girls from a school in Borno State. On March 7, 2015, five suicide bombers killed 54 and wounded nearly three times as many in the capital city of Maidaguri, where the bishop lives and works.

The group has killed 1,000 people across Nigeria in the first three months of 2015, according to Human Rights Watch, which reports that more than 6,000 have died in Boko Haram-led violence since 2009.

Just last month, the group pledged its allegiance to ISIS – also known as the Islamic State – which launched a bloody campaign in Iraq and Syria last summer.

Meanwhile, Bishop Dashe has just completed a “consolation tour” to communities in his diocese, promoting forgiveness and continued faith. He believes he was asked by Jesus to spread devotion to the rosary in order to aid them as they do so.

“Maybe that’s why he did it,” said the bishop, referring to Jesus in his vision.

Bishop Dashe said he has a strong devotion to Christ’s mother, and that “I never joke with ‘Mamma Mary.’ I know she is here with us.”

And he is not the only Nigerian bishop putting the future of the country in the hands of Mary. The nation’s bishops’ conference has consecrated the country to her twice in recent years.

Bishop Dashe believes that one day his diocese will completely recover and grow thanks to her intercession.

“These terrorists… think that by burning our churches, burning our structures, they will destroy Christanity. Never,” Bishop Dashe told several hundred people from the dais of the #WeAreN2015 congress.

“It may take a few months or a few years … but ‘Boko Haram is gone.’”

He later told EWTN News that “prayer, particularly the prayer of the rosary, is (what) will deliver us from the claws of this demon, the demon of terrorism. And of course, it is working.”

April 15, 2015

The Blessed Virgin Mary: Enmity and War – Josef M. Sinpaal (c)

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The Blessed Virgin Mary: Enmity and War – Josef M. Sinpaal (c)  

The e-book can be read here for free in English –

January 8, 2015

Can the living loving God of the Christians curse his people? And is preaching to the converted a waste of time?

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Most people living today are well used to the general idea that God blesses his people and that He is a God of goodness of loving-kindness and of Mercy. On the other hand the devil, if one so believes in the arcane notion of a demon of the underworld (of which notion happens to be perfectly plausible and shouldn’t infringe in any way on any scientific belief system). The devil is the nasty one, the robber and usurper; the nasty god of sulphur preoccupied solely with cursing and damning mankind. Lets say somebody wants to curse someone else, he / she usually makes use of witches, spells, magik, satanism etc etc, and all these tap into the powers of the devil. The powers to curse, to dominate over others, and other ‘weaknesses’ of the worldly minded. However, does the living and loving Christian God curse his people? St Paul ends 2 Corinthians 1 by saying “22 If anyone does not love the Lord – a curse be on him. Come, O Lord! 23 The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you. 24 My love to all of you in Christ Jesus. Amen.” It’s a fascinating read for I wasn’t aware that the God of goodness also curses! Now, if the Lord curses anyone who does not love Him, what sort of a curse could this be?

2 Thessalonians 2:9 and 2 Thessalonians 2:10 and 2 Thessalonians 2:11 speak of the Man of Lawlessness and a powerful delusion sent upon people who despise and therefore hate the truth, they do not love the truth… the truth as preached by Jesus Christ and featured in His Gospels.  “9The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, 10 and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11 For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie 12 and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.”  It must be clear that the ‘curse’ sent upon mankind by the loving Christian God, as spoken by St Paul, is in response to a lack of love towards Jesus and a lack of love towards the truth ie. Jesus’s teachings. And what is this curse but a ‘powerful delusion’ sent by God Himself upon the ones who refused to love, making them believe the ‘lie’ brought by the spirit of Antichrist.

Scripture also gives us further insight into this conundrum of a loving God who actually curses. First Jesus Christ asks the question, Luke 18:8 “However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?” A very strange question indeed, for He just said that for the ones who do not love (Jesus and the truth) God Himself will send a powerful delusion, so I guess that Jesus is indirectly saying, or asking Himself the question, will you have enough love to avoid my curse? And avoid believing the anti-christian spirit? This is further corroborated by the condemnation / admonition to the Church at Laodicea Rev 3:7 “I know all about you: how you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were one or the other, but since you are neither, but only lukewarm, I will spit you out of my mouth.” So clearly being lukewarm seems to be just as bad as being bad. Hmmmm!

When reading Revelation we come across the following ‘To The Seven Churches….’Revelation 2:5 “… If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lamp-stand from its place.” And the New Jerusalem Bible says (same quote) to Ephesus, to the people of Ephesus; “…Nevertheless, I have this complaint to make; you have less love now than you used to. Think where you were before you fell; repent, and do as you used to at first, or else, if you will not repent, I shall come to you and take your lamp-stand from its place.” It is clear therefor that apart from a removal of the ‘gift of faith’ Jesus himself, the Word and King of Creation visits the community of ‘would be followers’ and removes the lamp-stand ie. to be understood as the Church itself.

So God promises to remove the lamp-stand; which is Faith and the Church given to Mankind as a guiding light. The above quote was directed towards the Church in Ephesus. Now we all know what happened to that region later on in history. We also know what happened to Jerusalem during the siege by the Roman Titus. The Roman siege and destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, Titus removed the Jewish Menorah in 70 AD, for the Jews did not believe and in subsequent centuries Christianity also disappeared from those lands where faith had grown cold, thus receiving in full God’s curse. However, Scripture also says Matthew 23:39 “For I tell you, you will not see me again until you say, ‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord’” This quote ties in with the prophecy of Romans 11, whereby the Jews are promised to be grafted back into the Church. However, the curse stands for all, for Jews and Christians alike. Obviously a reversal of the curse would be a rekindling of the love for Jesus Christ which would amend things, but how late down the line do things get out of hand from the point of view of faith and faithlessness in any supposed Christian community?

So when He returns will He find Faith? Scott Hahn is clear in “The Lamb’s Supper” that Jesus Christ’s Second Coming was and is indeed the Catholic Mass together with the mystery of transubstantiation . And it is well known that Old Testament prophets could not distinguish between the Lord’s first and second coming (for those who believe). The end times began well 2000 years ago with the beginning of Jesus Christ’s preaching and are still unfolding, we are living through such a period and the end of the world would be our death. Our death on a personal level and the death of our ‘civilisation’ on a community level. I hold with the ones who claim that the actual physical appearance of Jesus Christ happens for a second time with the coming of his kingdom on Earth as explained in the last chapters of Revelation. He is the lamp and all who believe in Him and cry out his name for salvation will also become lamps or star-like. How about that for star-dust?

Now antichrist will be very aware of Jesus Christ and his Dominion over all creation. Therefore antichrist will try to wage war against Jesus Christ by preventing his Second Coming in two ways. Firstly, by stopping the Sacrifice of the Lamb, and this is well described in the books of Daniel. To be understood that the Roman Catholic Mass will cease for a short period of time, of maximum 3.5 years. And secondly antichrist himself will attempt to pass into Heaven through the very portal Jesus Christ opens to enter ours, just before Judgement Day. This is not my idea but is well explained in the prophecies of La Salette.

Let us now zoom in further on the curse. The curse seems to happen gradually. A person refuses God’s exhortations for loving Him, Jesus and Jesus’s teachings, the person’s heart grows cold (*) and John 15:6 happens “If anyone does not remain in me, he is like a branch that is thrown away and withers… ” The person and the person’s heart withers. Then the curse arrives, the powerful delusion which makes him believe the Anti-christian spirit which is 2 John 1:7 “Many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world.” So who says that Jesus is not the Son of God made Man has the anti-christian spirit or receives the anti-christian spirit in full. At this stage the person has hardened his heart against Jesus Christ and says that Jesus is not the Son of God and not God. And would rather believe other things.

(*) (COLD HEART – Actually, we refer to a person as having a ‘cold heart’ when this person does not ‘love,’ or show ‘love.’ As ‘love’ can mean both ‘lust’ and ‘love’, having a ‘cold heart’ could also mean that one’s heart isn’t ‘hot’ or ‘lustful’. Therefore, in this case having a cold heart means having a ‘heart of stone’, ie, one cannot love, as in true love, being altruistic, kind, empathy, or brotherly, sisterly love, agape, etc etc … Being heartless, having a cold heart, a heart of stone and a black heart would be a gradual descent into evil. Having said that it can also mean having a heart which loves rather than lusts.

That is God’s curse, the hardening and the unbelief!

My last point, which should be included in this post is the following. I am well aware of the New Age spirit claiming that the so called ‘Christ consciousness’ is a stage on the evolutionary path towards godhood and oneness. Therefor although these people might acknowledge Jesus Christ as a prophet and want to ‘experience the Christ consciousness’ and have not altogether rejected the notion that Jesus Christ is God (for according to them we all are God). Definitely this is not the right interpretation and such have misinterpreted Jesus Christ’s teachings.

Further reading :

Prophet Daniel: Possible interpretations:

For a perfect example of the ‘lampstand’ being removed from the lands –

July 25, 2014

A change in motto

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“Music has charms to soothe the savage beast, while a change of heart is wrought in prayer”

Older mottoes still apply: “One must be found proud of his Catholic Heritage”

October 5, 2013

Daniel’s Prophecies

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Just like Martin Luther King, King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon had a dream… – the Bible presents plenty of prophets who prophesy and speak of the future, powers and kingdoms, however Daniel’s prophecies might stand out more than the rest for the reason that his prophecies / dreams deal with an incredible timeline of kingdoms and earthly powers starting with Babylon and possibly also ending with a kingdom which as yet has not manifested itself in its full earthly form (and dominion).


Above: the statue as seen by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon.

Apart from this statue the Babylonian king saw (dreamt) something else – a stone… a little one… which grew in size smashing the clay feet and the rest of the statue… enlarging in size until there was but stone…


Daniel interprets the dream, he speaks of 4 kingdoms – which power always derives from God the Creator – interestingly though Christianity places Lucifer as the ‘prince of this world’. This paradox can only be interpreted in the following manner: All power and dominion is delegated by God, and that God’s Kingdom (unlike earthly ones) is primarily one which does not belong to this world.

You, O king, are the king of kings; to you the God of heaven has given dominion and strength, power and glory;
men, wild beasts, and birds of the air, wherever they may dwell, he has handed over to you, making you ruler over them all; you are the head of gold.

The material making of the statue and the four (4) kingdoms are represented by gold, silver, bronze and iron (and iron mixed with clay). Gold being / representing the Babylonian Empire, while clay (the feet) representing ‘weakness’ or the most vulnerable point of attack by the stone. Therefor 4 Kingdoms, earthly ones, and a little stone presumably the little stone represents God’s kingdom which smashes the iron feet – the Roman Empire. Explanations given in various websites state that Islam should represent the little stone, however this theory has to be placed in an historical perspective, the Roman Empire was converted to the Holy Roman Empire and not to the Islamic Caliphate, therefor this theory cannot hold. However, it is interesting to speculate that if Prophet Daniel’s God revealed a future timeline of mankind’s empires why was the Ottoman Empire and the Mongolian Empire left out? This would need more speculation and study and is not the purpose of this posting. The little stone was later interpreted as the Kingdom of God which is interpreted as Israel and later Christianity by the Christian world and is God’s Kingdom which smashes all earthly powers (however here lies the conundrum, God’s Kingdom is not an earthly power). A pictorial representation of the 4 kingdoms follows:

Image Image Image Image

Where Can we modern humans with our great sciences and wastes and space exploration and industries be placed in this vision? Actually, nowhere specific unless we take into consideration the following. During King Belshazzar’s reign Daniel was this time receiving a dream himself – … He has a dream …. of 4 creatures emerging from the sea – Just like in the Book of Revelation… written by John the Revelator on the Island of Pathmos, the sea or the beach represents something new, an emergence. These creatures also represent 4 kingdoms which strangely have parallels with the ancient kingdoms but are altogether new. Before elucidating on these 4 creatures I must quote an important and key medieval prophecy which quotes the Apostle Paul:-

The Apostle Paul reveals the time when the Antichrist (man of lawlessness) will come and when Judgement Day will begin in the Epistle to the Thessalonians, chapter two (“We beseech you through the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ”), in the place where he says:” Unless the defection shall have come first and the man of sin and the Son of Perdition shall have been revealed”. For we know that after the Greek Empire, or even after the Persian Empire, each of which in its time had great glory and flourished with the highest power, at last after all the other empires there came into existence the Roman Empire, which was the strongest of all and had all the kingdoms of the earth under its control. All nations were subject to the Romans and paid tribute to them. This is why the Apostle Paul says that the Antichrist will not come into the world “unless the defection shall have come first”, that is, unless first all the kingdoms that were formerly subject shall have defected from the Roman Empire. This time has not yet come, because even though we may see the Roman Empire for the most part in ruins, nonetheless, as long as the Kings of the Franks who now possess the Roman Empire by right shall last, the dignity of the Roman Empire will not completely perish because it will endure in its kings. Some of our learned men say that one of the Kings of the Franks will possess anew the Roman Empire. He will be in the last time and will be the greatest and the last of all kings. After he has successfully governed his empire, he will finally come to Jerusalem and will lay aside his sceptre and crown on the Mount of Olives. This will be the end and the consummation of the Roman and Christian Empire.

Partition_of_the_Roman_Empire_in_395_AD All nations must have exited the Holy Roman Empire before the Antichrist arrives, which is the last act before the end and the condition set (or interpreted) by St Paul. (Antichrist is also known as the ‘man of lawlessness’ and ‘the man of sin’). All nations have indeed exited the Holy Roman Empire either by way of apostasy or by instituting the republic. Presumably today it could be argued that no nation apart from the Vatican State makes part of the Holy Roman Empire. It is also a matter of speculation though whether St Paul includes the nations who keep the Roman Catholic Faith (as the official religion of their state) as forming part of that ancient club. I doubt it and think that at present in 2014 all nations, apart from the Vatican State, have exited the ancient empire, thus fulfilling Paul’s conditions for the emergence of the man of sin.

Rather than referring to the final antichrist by that name, both Jesus and Paul spoke of a “man of sin” or a “lawless one” who would dominate much of the world at the close of our present age. Chapter One of 2 Thessalonians speaks of the coming of Christ to earth again in power and splendor, all aspects of his return being clumped together in terse, concise language. Paul next urges the Christians in Thessalonica (Greece), in the first century, not to be unduly alarmed by current events in the Roman Empire, or by rumors to the effect that the Day of the Lord had begun:

“Let no one deceive you in any way; for that day will not come, unless the rebellion (apostasia) comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself against every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the (Third) Temple of God (in Jerusalem), proclaiming himself to be God. Do you not remember that when I was still with you I told you this?”

Apart from the theological meaning, ‘Sin’ was also the name of an Akkadian god. The ‘Man of Sin’ has not arrived yet, so it should be assumed (according to this blog post’s interpretation) that the modern human civilization of 2014 is placed somewhere within the 4 creature timeline:-

danielchart The 4 creatures can be interpreted as the following Creature 1 –  The first was like a lion, but with eagle’s wings. While I watched, the wings were plucked; it was raised from the ground to stand on two feet like a man, and given a human mind. circlion Which modern empire fits the representation of a lion having eagle wings ? which was fierce, however due to Victorian principles became more humane… $(KGrHqR,!j!FC9QjmMYIBRDW3vMn,g~~60_35 Could it be the British Empire or British Commonwealth? britishzenith0xf

Creature 2 – The second was like a bear; it was raised up on one side, and among the teeth in its mouth were three tusks. It was given the order, “Up, devour much flesh.” A bear… circbear russian-bear

The US always wanted to be the most powerful, however during the cold war who was the most dominant? Ouch, could it be that the USSR was the dominant kingdom in Daniel’s dream?? Probably YES… this due to the probable fact that the United States was formed by a union of united states and not countries, while the USSR gobbled up other countries and could be called an ’empire’, the US (although probably the most powerful nation ever) cannot fit the precise definition of ’empire’.


Creature 3 – After this I looked and saw another beast, like a leopard; on its back were four wings like those of a bird, and it had four heads. To this beast dominion was given circlep Cold war over, which powers dominated / still dominate the world? Could it be the West in the form of NATO – UK, USA, Israel, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, all pull the strings of the leopard with 4 heads.

NATO_Map Creature 4 – After this, in the visions of the night I saw the fourth beast, different from all the others, terrifying, horrible, and of extraordinary strength; it had great iron teeth with which it devoured and crushed, and what was left it trampled with its feet. daniel7littlehorn_thumb Creature 4 – the most terrible of all – the one having iron teeth, resembling ancient Rome (iron) which made poor Daniel sick for a couple of days. Is the United Nations an Empire? I must guess here, however, what seems to be emerging is our much dreaded One World Government, NWO, aka Globalism, pursued by the Globalists or Internationalists.10-regions It should not come as a surprise that Unions, such as the European Union, are a Globalist invention. While I cannot surely say how the world will be divided, the creature has 10 horns representing 10 regions, a little horn grows which replaces three – Daniel says… I was considering the ten horns it had, when suddenly another, a little horn, sprang out of their midst, and three of the previous horns were torn away to make room for it. This horn had eyes like a man, and a mouth that spoke arrogantly. I think that this man of sin, this man of of lawlessness, the antichrist will emerge and take over 3 regions being Europe, the middle-east and a third. I refer to the Antichrist as Flagellum Dei because like Attila his great evil smashes other smaller evils and all the good. Just like Hitler, he is given power to destroy before the end arrives and the good Lord judges all. I agree this is but speculation and my own interpretation. Now I think that it is God who permits these things and can change them too, evil is allowed cause of our own evil and unbelief. The Dragon / devil is strong with antichrist and his false prophet and we already know how the story ends for all. THE END or THE BEGINNING.

9 While I still watched, there were judgement-thrones a-setting; and one took his seat there crowned with age. White as snow his garments were, his hair could match unsullied wool for whiteness; his throne all of flame, the wheels under it glancing fire; 10 and ever from his presence a stream of fire came rushing onward. A thousand thousand they were that waited on his bidding, and for every one of these, a thousand others were standing there before him. Assize should be held now, and the records lay open. 11 And still I watched, to see what would become of the boasts yonder horn had made; and all at once I was aware the beast itself had been slain, and even the carcase of it had vanished, handed over to the flames; 12 nor might those other beasts enjoy power any longer, though life they should enjoy for a while, until their turn came. 13 Then I saw in my dream, how one came riding on the clouds of heaven, that was yet a son of man; came to where the Judge sat, crowned with age, and was ushered into his presence. 14 With that, power was given him, and glory, and sovereignty; obey him all must, men of every race and tribe and tongue; such a reign as his lasts for ever, such power as his the ages cannot diminish.15 By this, Daniel wrote, my heart was ill at ease; a dread sight it was, and as I dreamed, my thoughts bewildered me. 16 So I drew closer to one that stood by, and asked to know the truth of all that had gone forward; he it was that read the riddle for me, and thus he unravelled it: 17 It is but earthly kingdoms they betoken, these four great beasts thou hast seen; 18 the servants of the most high God shall have dominion yet; theirs it shall be for ever and for evermore. 19 But I was minded to know the truth more fully; what was the fourth beast, so different from all the rest, so dreadful; why must it have teeth and claws of iron, to crush and to devour, to trample on what was left? 20 What of the ten horns on its head, and that other, before which three of them fell, the horn that had eyes, and a mouth to boast with, and grew greater than the rest? 21 This horn it was I saw doing battle against the servants of the most High, and getting the better of them, 22 until the Judge appeared, crowned with age, to give them redress, and their turn came to have dominion. 23 And his answer was, this fourth beast was the fourth of those earthly kingdoms, and the greatest of them all, to crush and devour and trample down a whole world. 24 Ten kings be the ten horns of that kingdom, and after these another shall rise, more poweful yet, and three of them shall bite the dust. 25 Boastfully he shall challenge the most High, and do his servants despite; calendar and ordinance he shall think to set aside; for a space of time, and for twice as long, and for half as long,[1] he must needs have his way. 26 Then assize shall be held on him, and all his power be taken away, crushed down and forgotten for ever. 27 Then what royalty, what empire, what earth-embracing dominion shall be theirs, the people set apart for the most High! Sovereignty everlasting; no monarch but must bow to its yoke.[2]28 So ended the revelation made to Daniel. Bewildered my thoughts were, and my cheek pale, but I kept the memory of it faithfully in my heart. 

[1] Literally, ‘for a time, and times, and half a time’. This is traditionally interpreted as meaning three-and-a-half, that is, half of the mystical number seven.

[2] It must be confessed that the historical interpretation of verses 15-27 remains wholly doubtful. It is not even clear whether the four beasts represent four successive empires (like the statue in chapter 2), or four kingdoms existing simultaneously, e.g. the four main divisions of the Macedonian empire after Alexander’s death. The little horn is usually identified with Antiochus Epiphanes (b.c. 176-164), the persecutor of the Machabees; but he was the eighth, not the tenth of his line, and the explanations given of the ‘three horns’ displaced by him seem curiously forced.

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