The Catholic Southern Front

Chapter 9/47 – Our Lady Protectress of Portugal

The twentieth century apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima, Portugal, symbolically appeared at a town named after a Moorish Princess who was converted to Christianity in 1158. The apparitions at Fatima (Fatima – Mohammed’s daughter and a wife) indirectly contributes at healing the rift between Christianity and Mohammedism. The feast day reserved for Blessed Gerard of Tonque, the founder of the Sovereign Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint John the Baptist of Jerusalem, Rhodes and Malta and the commemoration of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, both fall on October 13. The occasion might not be coincidental. The Icon most venerated by the Order of Saint John the Baptist, was the Icon of Philermos (Our Lady of Hope), whose chapel in Rhodes built in commemoration of Our Lady’s apparition, had originally replaced the Indo-Phoenician Temple of the Sun.

Before the First Crusade, Blessed Gerard of Tonque was the humble keeper of the hospice/hostel adjoining the Santa Maria Latina Church (opposite the Holy Sepulchre) in Jerusalem. He tended the sickly pilgrims who arrived in Jerusalem with the hope of praying at the Holy Sepulchre. At the city gates, the Christian pilgrim paid a hefty sum of money to the Islamic over-lords, this was necessary to be allowed entry and pray at the Holy Sepulchre. Blessed Gerard, therefore, had to establish a sort of dialogue with the Muslims and although tortured during the First Crusade, he was not killed. This could also have occured due to the fact that the Islamists had no time to accomplish such an act, the Crusaders were upon them. Later, the Kingdom of Jerusalem kept diplomatic ties with the Muslim world and defended well the Christian territories from the more aggressive Islamic leaders. Albeit the fact that certain Islamic Muslims preferred to wage war, the Christians pursued a policy of peace and dialogue rather than war, this was contrary to Papal instruction. Due to this policy and negotiation, the Christians suffered the loss of members of the Templar Order who absorbed certain antichristian ideas. The whole Kingdom of Jerusalem was later lost.

In the 1800s the Russian Czars were fond of having acquired the title of ‘Grandmaster of the Sovereign Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint John the Baptist.’ Indeed, the messages of Fatima were principally directed at the consecration of Russia. Interestingly, it was on October 13, 1884, that Pope Leo XIII received a vision, witnessing Our Lord and Lucifer in conversation. Following Mass in his private Vatican Chapel, the Pope fell into a meditative state. So ominous was the color of his complexion that the surrounding Cardinals thought the Pontiff had died. When the Pontiff regained his composure, His Holiness stepped into the sacristy and composed the prayer of Saint Michael the Archangel, to be recited in all Masses. His Holiness explained that he witnessed a conversation between the Devil and the Lord, emerging from a spot close to the tabernacle. He heard the rough Devil demand from the Lord certain requirements so as to be able to overpower His Church. The Lord asked what it is that he needed and the Devil demanded: “Seventy five to one hundred years and more power over those who give themselves over to my service.” The Lord said, “You have the time, you will have the power. Do with them what you will.”(1) His Holiness Pope Leo XIII, composed the following prayer to Saint Michael, which was commonly recited at the end of the Mass: “Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil. Restrain him, O God, we humbly beseech Thee, and do Thou, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God cast him into hell with the other evil spirits, who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.”(2) Together with other prayers, the Saint Michael’s Exorcism prayer was recited at the end of the Catholic Mass up till the years of Vatican Council II, when it was deemed that this practise was unnecessary. Many believed that the Exorcism was stopped for it had successfully helped the Church reach the times of Vatican Council II, where the third secret of Fatima was to be revealed. Unfortunately, the third secret was only divulged thirty years later.

One hundred years following Pope Leo XIII’s vision, (that is at the end of the pledged 100 years) in 1984, Pope John Paul II fulfilled Our Lady’s desire of consecrating Russia to her Immaculate Heart. Our Lady loves indeed Moscow, the third Rome, and the Russian people. Evidently, as regards to ‘the challenge’ witnessed by Pope Leo XIII, the Consecration of Russia brought about the definite victory for Our Lord over: “…the evils emerging from Russia.” The Church was not overpowered by, in the Devil’s own words: “…those who give themselves over to my service.” Arguably, all sinners give themselves over to the ‘Dragon/Devil’ even though unknowingly. Therefore, who are those people whom the Devil referred to as: “…those who give themselves over to my service?” Since 1884, who were the humans who knowingly gave themselves over to the Devil’s service?

Pope Benedict XIV was instrumental for the cause of Fatima. On May 5, 1917, His Holiness invited the entire world to recite a novena to Our Lady of Peace, for the First World War to come to a swift end. A few days later, on May 13, 1917, Our Lady appeared at Cova da Iria, disclosing that the First World War will come to an end, but yet another more serious war would result during the next Pontificate, this on the condition that the world does not renounce to offend God with sin. “Many people must reform their lives,”(3) was the Blessed Virgin’s basic message and a terrifying apparition of hell, where the souls of all sinners descend, was shown to the three children.

Following October 13 and the Miracle of the Sun, the popularity of Fatima spread far and wide. The secret fraternal societies’ incapacity to arrest the growing devotion was evident proof that Our Lady’s power was involved. Certain men from Santarem and Vila Nova de Ourem, chopped off with an axe one of the trees at Fatima and stole the crucifix and Image of Our Lady and other artifacts from the apparition scene. They proceeded to expose the artifacts in a mock museum and set up a mock procession, using these holy objects to ridicule the apparitions. In the streets of Santarem, they paraded the sacred artifacts, with the accompaniment of blasphemous litanies. Sister Lucia was quite relieved to know that the tree the men chopped off, was not the actual one over which the Blessed Virgin appeared. In response to Our Lady’s apparitions at Fatima, the ‘Portuguese Federation of Free Thinkers’ promulgated their pamphlet manifesto titled: “The ridiculous comedy of Fatima.” The pamphlet explained: “As if the pernicious propaganda of reactionaries were not enough, we now see a miracle trotted out in order further to degrade the people into fanaticism and superstition… This, citizens, is a miserable and retrograde attempt to plunge the Portuguese people once more into the dense darkness of past times…. Raise the mentality of our co-citizens to the realms of Truth, Reason and Science, convincing them that nothing can alter the laws of Nature, and that the pretended miracles are nothing but miserable tricks… Let professors in the schools and colleges educate their pupils in a rational manner, liberating them from religious preconceptions as from all others, and we shall have prepared a generation for the morrow, happier because more worthy of happiness…. Let us, then, liberate ourselves and cleanse our minds, not only from foolish beliefs in such gross and laughable tricks as Fatima, but more especially from any credence in the supernatural and a pretended Deus Omnipotent (all-powerful God), omniscient and omni-everything, instrument of the subtle imaginations of rogues who wish to capture popular credulity for their purposes…. Long live the Republic! Down with Reaction! Long live Liberty!”(4)

Portuguese loyal patriots, faithful to both religion and country, immediately opposed the impious sect and the mocking ‘patriotic’ propaganda. They published letters in popular newspapers defending the apparitions at Fatima. One letter published in a newspaper in Santarem said: “As believers, and sons of a nation which has been made great by the Faith of its warriors and the heroism of its saints; as citizens of a city which has been in the forefront of civilization and culture, we strongly and earnestly protest against the scandalous processions tolerated by the public authorities, which, on the night of the 24th of this month passed through the streets of Santarem.…. The Cross of Our Redeemer… and the Image of the Virgin who has presided over our destinies in all periods of our history, were held up to sacrilege and profanation. The Litany of Our Lady, whose name is the strength and comfort of our soldiers on the field of battle, was drunkenly intoned by the organizers of this satanic orgy… We, therefore, proclaim blessed, the Cross of Christ who in other days rode the seas with our caravels when they went forth to conquer new worlds for the Faith and for civilization. We also proclaim blessed, the great Protectress of Portugal who, through the troubles and trials of our history has watched with maternal solicitude over our destiny. May God forgive these impious men, destitute of all decent feeling, who blaspheme her adorable name, and may He withhold the punishment which would justly fall on a nation which consented to such crimes.”(5) Santarem, October 28, 1917, Signed ‘A Group of Catholics.’

On October 13, the Miracle of the Sun, occurred irrespective of the fact that previous to the event, a Masonic mayor kept hostage the children for three whole days. Secret fraternal societies and occultic political forces, set themselves against the Blessed Virgin of Fatima. Freemasonry, was in its ascendancy in Portugal and by armed conflict gained power in 1910. During the month of October, the Masonic government expelled the Jesuit Order from the country and persecuted all other religious orders. Catholic Portugal had an enviable oath set by ancient Royalty upon the state, that is, to uphold the defense of the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady. The Portuguese Freemasonry abolished this practice, of the defense of Our Lady’s Immaculate Conception and the religious oath in the court system. Religious holidays became working days and divorce was legalized in Catholic Portugal. The union between a man and his wife in Holy Matrimony, was declared ‘a legal union,’ and all the religious were forced to wear lay clothing, putting aside their religious habits. This anti-clerical ultimatum had to be observed or the religious faced the penalty of suffering imprisonment. The Church and State separation was inaugurated with the confiscation of the Church’s property and the conversion of monasteries into prisons and government offices. These events, were Karl Marx’s ‘Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto’ put into practice. The secret fraternal societies openly declared that the Faith would be soon abolished and no one in Portugal will remember what the Catholic Faith stood for, the Protestant Christians was invited into the country.

In later years, a Portuguese communist regime also attempted at taking over the political reigns of power. Their attempt failed and in 1926 a true patriotic statesman was elected. The new Prime Minister of Portugal, Antonio Salazar, placed his trust in God’s help. He strove as much as possible, to establish a Catholic social order which protected the family and was legally geared against divorce. Mr. Salazar restored the Church in Portugal and also restored the country’s economy. The ideologies of secret societies and atheistic communism were exposed as Satanic lies, for their usual rhetoric that the ‘opiate of the people’ or ‘dogmatic Catholicism,’ foments poverty, ignorance and bigotry, were disproved, for Prime Minister Antonio Salazer helped both ‘Church and State’ and Portugal became both holy and financially prosperous. May 13, 1931, was an important day for the Portuguese Bishops, who consecrated Portugal to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. At Fatima, in the presence of three hundred thousand of the faithful, the bishops placed their land under the protection of Our Lady. They pleeded with her to intercede against the growing communist ideologies, which menaced their country. In 1942, the Bishops of Portugal in a collective pastoral letter said: “Anybody who would have closed his eyes twenty-five years ago and opened them now would no longer recognize Portugal, so vast is the transformation worked by the modest and invisible factor of the apparition of the Blessed Virgin at Fatima. Really, Our Lady wishes to save Portugal.”(6)

The Nation of Portugal was also preserved from the scourges of both the Spanish Civil War and the Second World War. During the second consecration of Portugal to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Cardinal Cerejeira said: “Since Our Lady of Fatima appeared in 1917… A special blessing of God has descended upon the land of Portugal… especially if we review the two years which have gone since our vow, one cannot fail to recognize that the invisible hand of God has protected Portugal, sparing it the scourge of war and the leprosy of atheistic communism.”(7) His Holiness Pope Pius XII recognized that the Red Dragon was: “…so menacing and so close to you (Portuguese) and yet avoided in such an unexpected manner.”

Before the Great War, Sister Lucy wrote to bishop Msgr. da Silva, that the war was imminent and pledged that: “…in this horrible war, Portugal would be spared because of the national Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary made by the bishops.”(8) On December 2, 1940, she wrote again this time to Pope Pius XII informing His Holiness that Portugal was specially protected from the ravages of the Second World War and that other countries would have received the same protection if the bishops consecrated their lands to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. On May 13, 1942, Cardinal Cerejeira attributed the graces obtained for Portugal to the Blessed Virgin, adding also that such graces she will bestow on the whole world following such ‘Acts of Consecration to her most Immaculate Heart.’

The specter of communism did not all together vanish from Portugal. On April 25, 1974, the Portuguese Communists re-gained power. That same day people gathered at Fatima and were determined to win over their country, resolved to spread the devotion to Our Lady of the Rosary they reminded the Portuguese of the glorious prayer and weapon, which is the Holy Rosary. Preparations were conducted for a Rosary Crusade, the Bishop at Fatima and his envoy Father Guerra, instructed the apostles of the National Rosary Crusade, to initiate the crusade from Braga and Guimares to the North. On April 28, 1974, they commenced by inviting relatives, friends, neighbors and the people of the North to spread the word and pray five decades of the Holy Rosary daily, for the protection of Portugal. In November 1975, the Communists were ousted from power. Fr Guerra (war) won, what an appropriate surname.

In our modern day, the specter of Freemasonry has unfortunately re-emerged. In Portugal on February 11, 2007, Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, the ‘pro-choice’ or ‘pro-abortion,’ Masonic and liberal lobby, gained an unholy victory in direct violation of the ‘Ten Commandments.’ The referendum of February 11, 2007, which should have been declared ‘null,’ due to the fact that less than 50% of the population voted, is being supported as a bill to legalize abortion in the land of Our Lady of Fatima. The Portuguese Episcopal Conference said through the spokesman Bishop Carlos Azevedo: “What happened was that the values defended by the Church are not very highly esteemed in Portuguese society at present.”(9) A major daily newspaper, the Diario de Noticias, indicated: “It was a great defeat for the Catholic Church.”(10) On the morning of February 12, 2007, the morrow of the referendum, an earthquake registering 6.0 magnitude on the Richter scale was felt in Southern Portugal, where the pro-abortionists obtained their highest votes, and was barely perceptible in the North of Portugal, where the ‘No’ vote had won. God’s displeasure was surely noticed and ‘unquestionably,’ Portugal and the rest of the world, need to resort once again to the Holy Rosary Crusade. However, ‘Moloch’ or the ‘Dragon/Devil,’ would argue that the secret fraternal societies, who draw their power from the ‘Grand Architect of the Universe’ or the ‘Prince of this world,’ need to perform his blood sacrifice. In July 2007, the political ‘health’ representatives of Portugal announced that 20,000 state monitored abortions, will be carried out yearly. Far removed seem those days when the Portuguese boasted their, ‘Salve Nobre Padroeira’: “Hail, O noble Patron, Of the people whom you protect, Of the people chosen among all others, As the people of the Lord! O Thou glory of our land, Whom you have saved a thousand times! As long as the Portuguese people exists, You will always be their love!”

Emperor Constantine’s son, abolished and made illegal the ancient sacrifices to the Roman gods. Applying Constantius’ words in respect to the modern day abortion of human fetuses, by way of sacrifice to the modern ‘god of convenience,’ we the Faithful declare: “Cesset superstitio; sacrificiorum aboleatur insania” or “…let the folly of sacrifices be abolished!”



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