The Catholic Southern Front

Chapter 9/55 – The Blessed Virgin and the ‘Masonic War’

The previous chapters have time and again indicated the Masonic enmity exclusively set against the Church of the Redeemer Son of God. Secret fraternal societies have in the past stirred and still stir revolutions, insurrections and wars; they are accused of being the root of international conspiracies and their interference with politics deemed, as “a gross violation of the democratic principle of politics.” The powerful minorities rule entire nations, as they pump money in support of puppet political parties and covert terrorist groups. The origins of the ‘secret fraternal societies’ have been traced by many to; the ‘synagogue of Satan’ or the ‘den of vipers’ who put Jesus Christ to death, to the Kabal of the occult and the metaphysical subjects, Babylonian and Egyptian rituals and deities, the Assassins and Islam, the Templars, the Rosicrucians, to the Jesuit Dr Adam Weishaupt, Theosophy, New Age, Illuminism, and the list goes on and on. On the public scene they are the people who profess the ‘god of reason,’ the ‘god of science,’ the ‘god of mammon (money),’ the ‘god of war,’ the ‘gods of blasphemy and lust,’ the ‘god of convenience,’ the free thinkers, the enlightened Illuminati. In other words these are the ones who lie prostrate before the Grand Architect of the Universe, the Prince of this world.

The Templars of 1307, were the forefathers of revolutionists such as the Freemason Voltaire (French Revolution) and of the Freemasons Garibaldi and Mazzini who caused the unification of Italy and the final confinement of the Holy See in Vatican City in the twentieth century. Certain researchers also postulate that the Bolsheviks who carried out the Revolution in Russia, were essentially influenced by such. This grand effort on the part of the spirits, has prepared a fertile ground for the emergence of the ‘man of lawlessness… the lost one’ or ‘the son of perdition’ mentioned in 2 Thessalonians 2:3. Indeed, there is a historical dimension, an accumulation of error set against this background, the age old conflict between good and evil, however, it is of no use to mention or blame all the evils in our world to the secret fraternal societies and sects. They are the manifest expression of sociological calamities occurring due to the passiveness and unrepentance of myself and yourself, of us Christians. The good Lord desires the conversion of all, ‘good’ and ‘bad’ alike.

            Mr Benjamin Disraeli, the Chancellor of the Exchequer of Great Britain, delivered a speech at Aylesbury on September 20, 1876, in which he said: “In the attempt to conduct the government of this world, there are new elements to be considered which our predecessors had not to deal with… the secret societies – an element which at the last moment may baffle all our arrangements, which have their agents everywhere, which have reckless agents which countenance assassination, and which, if necessary, could produce massacre.”(1) In Msgsr. Henri Delassus book, La Conjuration anti-chretienne, we read: “Today Freemasonry openly acknowledges the French Revolution as its work. In the chamber of Deputies during the session on July 1, 1904 the Marquis de Rosanbo stated: ‘Freemasonry has worked in a hidden but constant manner to prepare the revolution… We are then in complete agreement on the point that freemasonry was the only author of the revolution, and the applause which I receive from the Left, and to which I am little accustomed, proves, gentlemen, that you acknowledge with me that it was masonry which made the French revolution.’ Mr. Jumel: ‘We do more than acknowledge it, we proclaim it.”(2) In ‘Their God is the Devil,’ Paul A. Fisher states: “The December 1920 issue of the New England Craftsman, a Masonic Journal, reported that ‘practically all the heroes of Italian liberty (Risorgimento) were Masons’; Mazzini and Cavour were Masons ‘who put Victor Emmanuel I on the throne of Italy’; The Grand Commander (Scottish Rite, May, 1941, New Age magazine) also said Garibaldi (who became Grand Master of Masonry in Italy in 1865) called for the Pope to be overthrown and ‘that there be built upon his ruins a reign of truth and reason that would eliminate the priests of God…”(3) Last but most importantly of all quotations is the Czarist Police report of February 10, 1895, stating that: “The fighting apparatus of Freemasonry has achieved perfection and the outlines of the coming assault are taking shape. The well-tested weapon of freemasonry is economic capitalism. To whip up unconscious hatred of all institutions: such is the goal of the present crusade organized by freemasonry in Russia. Riding this muddy wave, they intend to sweep away the Czar, our divinely-anointed autocrat, and then befoul the last bastion of the collective soul: our Orthodox Christian God. Ten, twenty years will pass, and the conspirators may stumble, but it will be too late; by that time everything will have been touched by revolutionary rot. The very roots of our centuries-old way of life will have been undermined.”(4)

The proclamation of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception was carried out by the Church to re-invigorate and remind mankind of both the existence of Original Sin and the beauty of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Mother. The forced exile of Pope Pius IX to Gaeta (a fortress in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies) was due to the strong anti-Christian, anti-Catholic and anti-Papal persecution of the Roman Republic led by Freemason Giuseppe Mazzini. In 1849, during these days of exile, Pope Mastai Ferretti looked through one of the Fortress’ balconies and beheld a terribly agitated sea. The Cardinal Lambruschini, who was by the side of the Pope, compared the sea with the state of the world and the Pope’s fleeing to Gaeta. He advised the Pontiff that the cure of the world’s evils rests in the proclamation and promulgation of the Dogma and devotion to the Immaculate Conception. This: “…would re-establish the sense of Christian truths.” From the Fortress of Gaeta, in the encyclical “Ubi Primum,” Pope Pius IX invited all bishops worldwide to define themselves on the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception. On December 8th 1854, the Holy Pontiff pronounced the solemn declaration that: “The Most Blessed Virgin Mary, from the first moment of her conception, by special grace and privilege of God and in view of the merits of Jesus Christ, was preserved immune from all stain of original sin.” However, the age of the enlightened in Italy headed by the Masonic forces under Giuseppe Mazzini declared: “A new era is arising which does not admit Christianity.” On February 11th 1858, four years following the proclamation of the Dogma, Our Lady manifested her approval with the apparition in Lourdes and referred to herself as the Immaculate Conception.

The Bull ‘Ineffabilis Deus’ by Pope Pius IX of December 8th 1854 states: “We declare, pronounce, and define that the doctrine which holds that the most Blessed Virgin Mary, in the first instance of her conception, by a singular grace and privilege granted by Almighty God, in view of the merits of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the human race, was preserved free from all stain of original sin, is a doctrine revealed by God and therefore to be believed firmly and constantly by all the faithful…Hence, if anyone shall dare-which God forbid!-to think otherwise than as has been defined by us, let him know and understand that he is condemned by his own judgement; that he has suffered shipwreck in the faith; that he has separated from the unity of the Church; and that, furthermore, by his own action he incurs the penalties established by law if he should are to express in words or writing or by any other outward means the errors he think in his heart.” Sects such as Freemasonry, oppose the fact that humanity incurred a ‘fall’ by way of original sin. In this assertion they unknowingly and knowingly oppose Jesus Christ’s Redemption and the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady. Interestingly, the apparitions of Our Lady at Lourdes occurred while an anti-christian and anti-clerical convention was taking place in Paris. The convention marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of Robespierre, who like Voltaire (and Rosseau before them) was a Mason and one of the architects of the reign of terror during the French Revolution. During those years, Ernest Renan, author of ‘The Life of Jesus’ managed to convince millions of people that Jesus Christ was merely a human being and denied his Divinity. He basically re-invented the heresies of the third and fourth centuries. The apparitions of Our Lady at Lourdes to the peasant girl Bernadette Soubirous, helped much at keeping the Faith alive for many people in Europe.

‘Catholic Liberalism’ is the bad yield of the age of enlightenment in the Church. Pope Pius IX (1846-1878) condemned ‘Catholic Liberalism’ by way of various documents. The Pontiff referred to this heresy as outright sin, in Mgr. De Segur titled ‘Hommage to Liberal Catholics’ as a “perfidious enemy”; to the Bishop of Nevers he referred to liberalism as the “present real calamity”; to the Catholic Circle of Saint Ambrose of Milan, “a compact between injustice and iniquity…. And more fatal and dangerous than a declared enemy”; and in other documents and letter: “a hidden poison”, “a crafty and insidious error” and “a most pernicious pest.” The same Pontiff condemns Catholic Liberalism by way of the ex Cathedra document ‘The Syllabus of Errors.’ In the book ‘Liberalism is a Sin,’ by Dr Don Felix Sarda, the document ‘The Syllabus of Error,’ is sectioned in the following manner: (5)“Condemnation of liberty of worship (propositions 15, 77 and 78); of the placet of governments (propositions 20 and 28); of the absolute supremacy of the State (proposition 38); of the secularization of public education (proposition 45, 40 and 48); of the absolute separation of Church and State (proposition 15); of the absolute right to legislate without regard to God (proposition 56); of the principle of non-intervention (proposition 62); of the right of insurrection (proposition 63); of civil marriage (proposition 73 and others); of the liberty (license) of the press (proposition 79); of universal suffrage as the source of authority (proposition 60); of even the name of Liberalism (proposition 88). This document has the seal of the Roman Catholic Church and was made public on December 8, 1864, Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

The former code of Church canon law promulgated on Pentecost, May 27, 1917, occurred precisely two weeks after Our Lady’s first apparition at Fatima. The first signs of public enmity between Our Lady and the Masonic cult following Fatima, were embodied within Canon 2335 which read: “Persons joining associations of the Masonic sect or any others of the same kind which plot against the Church and legitimate civil authorities contract ‘ipso facto’ excommunication simply reserved to the Apostolic See.”(6) On May 13th 1917, the apparition of the ‘Woman’ as ‘Our Lady of Fatima,’ seems to have been in retaliation to all the work the ‘Serpent’ or ‘Dragon/Devil’ undertook, to destroy the Church of Our Lord. We can study the occurrences and symbolic dates chosen by the ‘Woman’ in her apparitions and messages at Fatima. Two hundred years following the establishment of the Masonic Grand Lodge in England in 1717, Our Lady appeared in 1917, during the First World War and in the same year when the Red Bolsheviks were conducting their take over in Russia. At Fatima, Our Lady promised that: “Russia will be converted,” therefore she pledged Russian conversion the same year when bolshevism (Marxism under Lenin and Trotsky and many of whom indeed Masons), was still giving birth by way of its ‘October Revolution,’ to Communist Soviet USSR.

Is it a coincidence that the ‘Woman’s’ last apparition of October 13th commemorates the Dogma on the ‘Veneration of Images’ of the early Church Councils, the Feast of Blessed Gerard of Tonque who was the first Grandmaster of the Order of Saint John, a Military and Hospitaller Order consecrated to Our Lady, and the Orthodox Feasts of ‘Our Lady of Iveron and Kursk?’ Symbolically, the apparitions at Fatima are related to Russia by virtue of this date. ‘Our Lady of Iveron’ is one of the three Icons, which the faithful invoked in Moscow and at the Battle of Borodino. This battle occurred in 1812, the Napoleonic and Masonic forces were not successful at destroying the Russian Czarist Army. Likewise, one and a half centuries later, the Bolshevik and Masonic Soviet Revolution was not to break the militant Christian order in the world. In 1917, the era when the Czarist White Army was defeated, Our Lady’s Fatima apparitions would have possibly signified her future arresting of the Masonic and Communist influence on Russia and the entire World. October 13th commemorates the miracle of the Sun at Fatima, a miraculous occurrence similar in nature to the miracles of the sun occurring in 1656 at Czestochowa in Poland previously and following the Swedish invasions. The supernatural solar phenomena are symbols of impending chastisements, invitations for repentance and conversion and the return of all mankind to the Father.

October 13th 2007, commemorated seven hundred years following the arrest of the Knight Templars in France and the beginning of the Masonic hatred towards Royalty and the Catholic Church. The ‘Woman’s’ last apparition at Fatima (October 13) took place precisely 33 years following Pope Leo XXIIIs vision of 1884. Thirty-three years signifies the Lord’s age when crucified; however it also represents the 33° Masonic degrees. Evidently, the devil was challenging Christ’s Church by way of the 33° degrees of Freemasonry and Our Lady’s apparition at Fatima possibly came in retaliation. Seventy-five years following this ‘challenge,’ the Second Ecumenical Vatican Council was under way, 1962-1965 and in 1984, the 100th anniversary following the devil’s ‘challenge’ against Our Lord’s Church, Pope John Paul II fulfilled Our Lady of Fatima’s request and consecrated Russia to her Immaculate Heart. The Consecration of Russia was approximately the 200th anniversary of the agreements the fallen Jesuit Dr. Adam Weishaupt, and other powerful international financiers, had with the Bavarian Freemasonry. Agreements sealed by the signing of blood contracts for the creation of a New World Order based on Socialist, Communist and Federalist governance. It is possibly now clearer to comprehend how the revolutions caused by the ‘City of the Devil’ progressed and the manner in which the ‘Woman’ retaliated by way of her apparitions at Fatima.

On June 20th 1919, His Eminence Cardinal Gasparri sent a letter to Monsigneur Jouin (Monsignor Ernest Jouin (1844-1932) the declared enemy of Freemasonry and Apostolic Prothonotary and Curé of St. Augustine Parish in Paris, France) to congratulate him for his newly published book called “La guerre Maconnique” or “The Masonic War.” Monsigneur Jouin compiled the opinions of the Holy Pontiffs, on ‘Freemasonry,’ as declared in their homilies, encyclicals and letters. The following documents have been revised to include others unmentioned: ‘In Eminenti’ April 28, 1738 by Pope Clement, ‘Providas’ March 16, 1751 by Pope Benedict XIV, ‘A. Quodie’ Sept. 14, 1758 by Pope Clement XIII, ‘Ut Primum’ Sept. 3, 1759 by Pope Clement XIII, ‘Christianae Reipublicae Salus’ Nov. 25, 1766 by Pope Clement XIII, ‘Inscrutabile’ Dec. 25, 1775 by Pope Pius VI, ‘Ecclesiam a Jesu Christo’ Sept. 14, 1820 by Pope Pius VII, ‘Quo Graviora’ March 13, 1826 by Pope Leo XII, ‘Traditi’ May 21, 1829 by Pope VII, ‘Mirari Vos’ Aug. 15, 1832 by Pope Gregory XVI, ‘Qui Pluribus’ Nov. 9 1846 by Pope Pius IX, ‘Omnibus Quantisque malis’ April 20, 1849 by Pope Pius IX, ‘Quanta cura’ 1864 by Pope Pius IX, ‘Multiplices Inter’ Sept 25, 1865 by Pope Pius IX, ‘Apostolicae Sedis’ 1869 by Pope Pius IX, ‘Etsi Multa’ 1873 by Pope Pius IX, ‘Humanum Genus’ April 20, 1884 by Pope Leo XIII, ‘Praeclara’ 1894 by Pope Leo XIII, ‘Annun Ingressi’ 1902 by Pope Leo XIII, ‘Etsi nos’ 1882 by Pope Leo XIII, ‘Ab Apostolici’ 1890 by Pope Leo XIII, ’Letter to Italian Episcopate’ Dec. 8, 1892 by Pope Leo XIII, ‘Letter to Italian People’ Dec. 8 1892 by Pope Leo XIII, ‘Vehementer’ Feb. 11, 1906 by Pope Pius X and ‘Letter to France’ Jan. 6, 1907 by Pope Pius X.

In essence Monsigneur Jouin stated that: “Either Roman Catholicism will lift us up again to the level of Christian civilization or else Judeo-Masonry (not Orthodox Judaism but Kabalistic occultic Judaism) will drag us down the path of barbarism and decadent paganism.” Quoting all the above-mentioned Pontiffs, Monsigneur Jouin condemned Freemasonry. He concluded by saying that: “Ever since 1738 all the Sovereign Pontiffs have denounced, stigmatized and condemned the great harlot of the 20th century, that ‘Well of Perdition… Bottomless Abyss of Misery which was dug by those conspiring Societies in which the Heretics and Sects have, it may be said, vomited as in a privy, everything they held in their insides of Sacrilege and Blasphemy.’ (Leo XIII)”(7)

The Alta Vendita chief, Tigrotto, in 1822 proclaimed: “Catholicism must be destroyed throughout the whole world.” Pope Pius IX referred to the ‘Craft’ as the “Synagogue of Satan,” (Revelation 2:9, Reveleation3:9, Revelation 2:24, Judges 2:13, 2 Kings 23:13, Ezekiel 8:13,14) and Pope Pius VI as the “Sects of Perdition.” In “Masonic War” Monsigneur Jouin explains: “To what does Pope Pius VII refer when he makes use of the words; “…they hold in contempt the Sacraments of the Church”; if not to the Masonic 18° degree of the Rose Croix, which is an odious parody of the Sacrament of the Eucharist? What is it that the Pontiff stigmatizes when he alludes to the substitution of Masonic sacraments to those of the Church and its ensuing horrible sacrileges if not to the “Black Mass” and the theft of the Consecrated Hosts, which Masons of the highest grades carry on their person as “Sacred Deposit” during the ceremony, which precedes the orgy in the course of which they will profane It in the lowest, voluptuous ignominy? Why should we thus administer such blows to this “Anti Papism”? It is because it is the unbroken chain of Freemasonry and because the Pope is, on earth, the representative of Jesus Christ whose Cross is trampled upon by Masons, and because in the course of their rites, at the 30° (18th degree also) initiation grade, they throw upside down the Pope’s tiara and figuratively pierce his heart. Such things occur at the initiation of the degree of Knight Kadosh.” The words ‘Nekam’ and ‘Makah’ or vengeance and death to Royalty and the Pontiffs of the Church, are used during this ritual. For over 250 years the Roman Catholic Church has fought this secret fraternal society, which is today not secret anymore, nonetheless a sect which persistently performs all of its ancient profane rituals. According to the Marian Movement of Priests, Freemasonry is the ‘Black Beast’ of Revelation, the much dreaded Apocalyptic Black Beast.

The fallen away Jesuit Dr. Adam Weishaupt, was a member of the secret sect referred to as the Bavarian Illuminati which gave modern Freemasonry the political and occult direction it follows today. His demise was a true tragedy, for the historical opposition to the ‘Black Beast’ by the Jesuits had produced many persecutions in their regard particularly the Jesuit Order’s suppression in Portugal, France, Spain and Italy from 1758 to 1773.

Quoting again Monsigneur Jouin in “The Masonic War” published previously to the Second World War: “It is from such a situation that there was issued the Masonic dogma of separation of Church and State; thence, issued also the anti-religious laws which Brother Bethmont, member of Parliament of the department of Charente Inferieure and former President of the Cour Des Comptes, in 1878 was explaining to Monseigneur Pie, Bishop of Poitiers. The prelate then said to him: “Sir, I believe you want to inaugurate anew the fight against the Church; have you any hope of succeeding there, where Nero, Julian the Apostate and your great ancestors of the 1793 French Revolution failed? He replied: “Your Eminence, at the risk of seeming too bold, I will say that those, you have mentioned did not quite know how to act. We shall do much better. Violence against the Church leads nowhere; we shall use other means. We shall organize a persecution which shall be both clever and legal; we shall surround the Church with a network of laws, decrees and ordinances which will stifle it without shedding one drop of blood.” Or as elsewhere stated: “The fight taking place between Catholicism and Freemasonry is a fight to the very death, ceaseless and merciless.”(8)

Monsigneur Jouin described how he personally implored Emperor Franz Josef of Austria (1830-1916) to use his ‘age old, archaic but still valid’ power of veto to stop a Masonic Cardinal from being elected ‘Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church.’ In 1903, Count Mariano Cardinal Rampolla del Tindaro, Leo XIII Secretary of State, and according to Monsigneur Jouin, a member of the OTO or ‘Ordo Templi Orientalis,’ was together with other Cardinals in a conclave to elect the next Pope and successor of Pope Leo XIII. The ‘Serpent’ or ‘Dragon/Devil’ attempted his very best; Cardinal Rampolla was a ‘Papabile’ and could have well been elected as the successor of Pope Leo XIII. In the name of Austrian Emperor Francis (Franz) Josef, the Cardinal Puzyna de Kosielsko and Prince-Bishop of Krakow, Prince Jan Maurycy Pawel, vetoed the election of Cardinal Rampolla. Our Lord’s grace, the intercession of the Holy Spirit, allowed the election of Giuseppe Melchiorre Cardinal Sarto, Patriarch of Venice as Pope Saint Pius X. The election took place on August 4, 1903, the eve of ‘Our Lady of the Snows’ and Feast of the Salus Popoli Romani Icon at Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome. This can be considered as a victory wrought by Our Lady’s intercession or at least Cardinal Sarto was meant to become Pope Pius X by Divine Will. However, it is not definite that Cardinal Rampolla was indeed a member of OTO. While Monsigneur Jouin described Pope Pius X exclamation on receiving the news regarding Cardinal Rampolla being a mason as “What a miserable man!” it is unclear howcome he was subsequently placed as Secretary of the Congregation of the Holy Office amongst other later appointments. Therefore, if Monsigneur Jouin was right in his affirmation it might be concluded that the newly elected Pope Pius X had absolved Rampolla of his transgressions. The OTO historians claim that although Cardinal Rampolla’s name was written in the OTO Manifesto by Aleister Crowley as a founder, their leader must have done so out of humour. The probable truth is that Cardinal Rampolla favoured liberal Catholicism and also laboured to free the Church from the Italian Masonry of the time and sought help from the French. But even these matters are not completely confirmed. Cardinal Rampolla’s failed accession to the Chair of Peter might have also occurred due to his previous rejection to bury Emperor Franz Jozef’s son, Rudolf, who had committed suicide in sacred ground. Evidence on Cardinal Rampolla’s life discrediting or giving evidence to these various affirmations still need to surface. Throughout his Pontificate, Pope Pius X, fought aggressively against modernism and liberalism, he worked to reverse the Masonic work throughout the world. The Pontiff fell ill on August 15, the Feast of Our Lady’s Assumption and died on August 20, 1914. Pope Pius X was canonized in 1954 and is remembered for his motto “To restore all things in Christ.”

The heir to the Austrian Empire, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, was not simply ‘a Duke’ he was the heir to Emperor Franz Josef of Austria. Inheriting the title of ‘Emperor’ indeed having the ‘age old, archaic but still valid’ powers confided to him by the Holy See, (Pope Pius X removed the head of State’s power of papal veto). On June 28, 1914, in Sarajevo, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was murdered and the conspiratorial assassination precipitated the world into the inevitable events of the First World War. According to Paul A. Fisher in ‘Behind the Lodge Door,’ the assassins of the Archduke were members of the “Black Hand,” a South Slav revolutionary organization which was a progeny of Freemasonry. The Metropolitan Ioann of St. Petersburg (1927-1995) wrote an essay ‘On the Destroyers’ translated by the Orthodox Anti-Globalist Resource Center, where he said: “The dark forces now at work destroying Christian nationhood all work under the Masonic star. The masons had a hand in the destruction of Russia as well. The principles and methods employed by the Bolsheviks for Russia’s destruction was drawn from freemasonry. Fifteen years of observing the ruination of our motherland have shown the whole world just how faithful the enslavers of the Russian people have been to the program of Masonic lodges for the struggle against God, the Church, Christian morality, the family and Christian culture, in short, against everything which created and elevated our nation.” According to Paul A. Fisher, the Provisional Government of Primer Alexander Kerensky, were in the majority Freemasons. They were primarily connected with the ‘Grand Orient’ lodge of Paris. On March 22, 1917, Alexander Kerensky formed the Russian Republic, became Prime Minister and was recognized by the United States. In July 20, 1917, the Russian Republic was declared and Kerensky became Primer. On August 17, 1887, Karl of Asburg was born in Persenbeug in lower Austria, the son of Franz Josef of Hapsburg, brother of Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Austria. Following the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, Karl I became heir to the throne of the Hapsburg Empire. In 1916, Emperor Franz Josef died during the First World War and Karl ascended the throne as Karl I, or Charles I, of Austria and Károly IV of Hungary. Karl I assiduously attempted to halt the escalation of the First World War, he commanded the XX corps at Verdun and Somme and although victorious was nauseated by the slaughter. From that point onwards he attempted all in his power to stop the War by diplomatic ways. During the war years Karl I was said of having worn out the gold Holy Rosary beads his wife had given him by his frequent recitation, so much so that his wife had given him another one. He was successful at preventing the German Kaiser from using poison gas on the enemy and halted the destruction of Venice by a submarine attack. Following the end of WWI the secret brotherhoods in his Kingdom were successful at ousting their King from power, a Christian Monarch was deemed as a public enemy. Karl of Asburg died exiled on the Island of Madeira, he was ostracized and abandoned by his allies who refused to help the last potential Christian Emperor. His funeral was held at Nossa Senhora do Monte, 30,000 people attended the funeral of the 34-year-old Emperor.

            In Italy the rebellion against the Papal governments during the 1830s, the Risorgimento, had Masons for its leaders. Giuseppe Mazzini, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Camillo Cavour and King Victor Emmanuel II, all were Freemasons: (9)“King Victor Emmanuel II was later poisoned by his own son, Prince Umberto, who, in turn, was assassinated by the order of Masonic lodges… Mazzini, according to the Grand Commander of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in America, was the first head of modern Freemasonry in Italy…. One historian, Charles Heckethorn, in his book, Secret Societies, says the chilling word ‘Mafia’ is an acronym meaning “Mazzini Autorizza Furti, Incendi, Avelenamenti” or “Giuseppe Mazzini authorises thefts, arson and poisoning.” Should it therefore be also concluded, that the Italian Mafia is indeed the proginy of Freemasonry and a destabilizing tool of the Christian social order? It certainly seems so, the burning of Catholic holy pictures mixed with blood, the initiating ritual into the MAFIA, certainly evokes to mind Masonic initiations.

In 1967, over 6,500 Freemasons, including delegations from other Grand Lodges around the world, gathered at the Royal Albert Hall, London, to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the formation of the Grand Lodge of England and the installation of HRH the Duke of Kent as Grandmaster. In 1984, it opened its doors to the general public. Over 12,500 attended a Quarterly Communication of the Grand Lodge, the 275th anniversary of the formation of the Grand Lodge and the 25th anniversary of HRH the Duke of Kent’s installation as Grandmaster, was celebrated with much publicity at Earls Court on June 10, 1992. In an effort to remove the stigma of secrecy, the press and television were invited to attend the meeting, which was followed by a banquet for 4,000 persons. Coincidentally, that same year, at Windsor Castle, on November 20, 1992, three days previous to one of the ancient feast days in honor of Saint George (November 23, ancient calendar of Jerusalem), a fire caused by a 250 Watt halogen lamp, gutted the Queen’s Private Chapel of Saint George. Within the ancient calendar of Jerusalem (St Catherine’s Monastery, Egypt, George Zosimo) the Christian celebrated at least six festive solemnities commemorating Saint George, November 23 is the closest to this incident. Windsor Castle was once the seat and headquarters of the Order of the Garter, the Chivalric Order dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint George and Saint Edward the Confessor. In 1992, the Chapel of Saint George burst into flames. The fire consumed the chapel; Saint George’s Hall and many other Royal rooms. This was not ‘God’s Divine Wrath,’ nonetheless, the coincidence and proximity with the ancient feast, could be considered by a few people, as striking! Was it not Saint George of Lydda, Emperor Constantine’s companion-in-arms, the Ex-Roman Tribune and early Christian military hero, who was saved as the Lord resurrected him from the fires of a Roman furnace? Windsor Castle is an edifice, which survived the wartime blitz, but this fire raged on and was extinguished by two hundred fire fighters. Prince Andrew expressed his horror how the fire took hold so quickly.

Plots of conspiracy, contradictions and betrayal, thicken in the twentieth century. Herr Hitler was consecrated to Lucifer by the Germanenorden/Thule Society and was a follower of the Masonic/Aryan/Ariosophist/Theosophical teachings of the Russian Madame Blavatsky (member of the OTO, ‘Ordo Templi Orientalis,’ other members of OTO included declared Satanist Alister Crowley and Ron L. Hubbard founder of Scientology). Later, Hitler persecuted Freemasonry and moved against bolshevism/communism, whom he labeled as the Masonic/Jewish plot for world dominion. Freemason, founder of modern Satanism, Alister Crowley, was banished from Fascist Italy. Once England was captured, Hitler was planning to capture all influential British Freemasons. The German Fuhrer despised Masonry mostly due to its change in policy regarding racial tolerance, its political subversion (which was not under his control) and its Kabalistic-Jewish occult and banking connection.. Following the German-Russian pact for the fourth partition of Poland, Herr Hitler broke his alliance with Joseph Stalin. A ‘great evil’ was consuming another ‘great evil.’ It is hard to separate one from the other or understand where God’s hand of Justice and Mercy has acted. It is also hard to differentiate the sources for the financing of nazism and bolshevism/communism. According to Gary Allen in his book “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” (California, USA, 1971, pg. 69-71) International bankers and financiers financed both bolshevism and nazism.

Going back in time, to the year 1833 in the USA, the sixth American President, John Quincy Adams, wrote in a letter addressed to WL Stone, where the President condemned a gruesome Masonic ritual murder. He wrote: “…freemasonry, corporate freemasonry, is chargeable with the stealing of a free citizen, and the murder of a father and husband.”(10a) He later stated that: “…freemasonry is deceptive and fraudulent … it’s promise is light, its performance is darkness.”(10b) When the English Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, expressed his opinion regarding Allied (mostly American) involvement in the First World War, he advocated that: “…peace would have been made with Germany; and there would have been no collapse in Russia leading to communism; no breakdown of government in Italy followed by fascism; and nazism never would have gained ascendancy in Germany.”(11) During the Second World War, Winston Churchill, known for having abandoned the ‘Craft’ early in his career, steered Britain successfully against Nazi Germany and emerged victorious, nonetheless he also needed the support of British masons against the Third Reich. Although he was not directly engaged with Freemasonry, this English Prime Minister was aware of their backing and support against Herr Hitler, who although was financed by certain banking high echelons of secret fraternal societies, was purging Europe of the many sects. Had he indeed conquered England English Freemasonry feared what the German Fuhrer could do to the Craft. If he dealt with them in similar ways as he dealth with their continental brothers, he would have disbanded their lodges and enclosed them in his extermination camps. The contradictions abound, for if the higher echelons of Freemasonry desired to consecrate the world to Lucifer, and indeed Herr Hitler was himself consecrated by way of Herr Eckart’s Thule Society, what was Hitler’s unexplainable hatred in regard to, at least to the sacrificial lower echelons of Freemasonry? The reason for this hatred was to be found with the Masonic change in opinion regarding racial integration and Judaic association, which the Fuhrer detested above all other matters. Purity of race was essential for the Nazi madman who followed the Black Sun’s rays or Satan and who was himself the grandson of a member of the Illuminti sect.

If Our Lady warned mankind in 1917 regarding a: “…more terrible war to occur during the next pontificate,” it could seem that this warning for the conversion of all sinners was referring to ‘all sinners’ for the common man in the street and the Saturday morning lodge attendee. If the conversion was not to occur, as we well know this conversion did not occur or at least not to the expected extent, the evil which the good Lord would have allowed to fall upon the world, would purge it, thus Herr Hitler. Anyway, these matters should not be examined in the hope of discovering what indeed makes sense, for even the struggles within the Russian Communist Party resulted in its members murdering each other, for example the murder on order of Joseph Stalin of the capitalist backed, Leon Trotsky, who together with Lenin was one of the artisans of the Russian October Revolution. The conclusion is that whosoever walks the path of sin and darkness, deceives and is deceived himself, evil will catch up with him sooner or later.

Pope Clement XIIs bull ‘In Enimenti,’ clearly states: “…Condemnation of the Society, Lodges, Conventicles of Liberi Muratori or freemasons, under pain of excommunication to be incurred ipso facto and absolution from it being reserved for the Supreme Pontiff except at point of death.”(12) Our Lady of Fatima appeared in 1917, the same year when an International meeting of the Grand Orient Lodges in Switzerland was organized. The outcome of this meeting was to achieve the following aims: Dismemberment of Austria and Hungary by the elimination of the Hapsburg Dynasty, the abdication of the Austrian King and Christian Emperor (Karl I) and elimination of the Pope and Catholic Church and the elimination of every state Church in Europe. In apparent retaliation the Roman Catholic Church, on May 27, 1917, two weeks following the first apparition at Fatima, passed the canons 2335-2336. The canons reaffirmed the immediate excommunication of Catholics who become Freemasons. Canon 2335 states that: “Those who lend their name to a Masonic sect or other association of the same kind, who plot against the Church, incur ‘ipso facto’ the penalty of excommunication resting simply in the Apostolic See.”(13) In 1983, the new Canon 1374 re-stated that: “One who joins an association which plots against the Church is to be punished with a just penalty; one who promotes or moderates such an association however, is to be punished with an interdict.” On November 25th 1983, the day before this Canon was issued, the following statement (Quaesitum est) was issued by the Sacred Congregation and signed by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger or Pope Benedict XVI; “It has been asked whether the judgement of the Church with regard to Masonic Associations has been changed due to the fact that no express mention of them is made in the new Code of Canon Law as was the case in the old Law. This Sacred Congregation is in a position to answer that such a circumstance is to be attributed to the criterion used in the reduction (of the Code), which (criterion) was also observed with regard to other associations not expressly mentioned, given the fact that they are included under wider categories. The negative judgement of the Church in regard to Masonic associations’ principles has always been considered irreconcilable with the doctrine of the Church and, therefore, membership of them is still prohibited. Faithful who belong to these Masonic associations are in a state of grave sin and cannot accede to Holy Communion.” It is of major importance to note that the following was added to the above; “local ecclesiastical authorities cannot issue pronouncements on the nature of the Masonic associations containing a judgement that implies the derogation of the above sentence in accordance with the Declaration of this Sacred Congregation of 17 February, 1981.” This explains why neither Bishop, nor Cardinal in any country can alter the Roman edict. The reasoning above is in total agreement with Father Maximillian’s amendment in the mission of his ‘Militia Immaculata.’ Father Kolbe had replaced the word ‘masons’ with ‘enemies of the Church,’ this due to the number of new secret fraternal societies, who similarly to Masonry, plot against the Church of God and its Ten Commandments. The mission of his Militia of the Immaculata, therefore reads: “To convert sinners, heretics, and especially the enemies of the Church, and to sanctify all under the patronage and through the intercession of the Immaculate Virgin Mary.”(14) New Masonic-like groups which perfectly fit the ‘enemies of the Church’ phrase and who Father Maximillian Kolbe, were he alive today, would be offering his daily consecration and prayers for their conversion, are the American Skull and Bones Society. Another sect would be Scientology, which is not as politically influential as the aforementioned, although also a declared enemy of the Catholic Church. Similarly to the MAFIA, Scientology itself was the progeny of Freemasonry and is also associated with Alister Crowley’s OTO. Following Crowley’s death, Freemason L. Ron Hubbard acquired the O.T.O. leadership in America. Hubbard was initiated into the O.T.O. in 1944 by Aleister Crowley himself. Freemason L. Ron Hubbard had made remarks more than once to friends that he was considering starting his own religion. He told one friend that he had not decided whether to destroy the Catholic Church, or merely start a new one.

Certain Masonic groups in Italy were and are still involved in the taking of human life during ritualistic Black Mass, where the Holy Eucharist is blasphemously used for odious acts of sacrilege and vengeance against the Son of God. Today, members of the Grand Lodge of London feel that sweeping statements against the Craft in this age of reason and independent thought, essentially treats them as ‘little children.’ They equivocally refuse the Roman Pontiff and Catholic Church’s judgement in this regard. Evidently, the repetition of Lucifer’s rebellious stance has been re-enacted: “We shall not serve the Son of God made man.” In this affirmation lies the anti-Catholicism which Freemasonry embodies. The sect leads its followers to war against every Commandment, inevitably leading their members to perdition. The Craft’s god is the ‘Counterfeit god’ the one who would claim to be as God, the one who is the Prince of this world, the one who is the Father of Lies. Secret fraternal societies are further likened to a sociological and political cancer due to the unknown trust and the preferential treatment the secret members of the brotherhood reserve for each other, even in matters of politics. For them the ‘outsiders’ wallow in darkness, far from the mysteries of light which they jealously guard. Thus, such secret favoritism and loyalty to the brother in the ‘other’ political party undermines loyalty to one’s People and the welfare of the majority in democratically elected governments.





“So if anyone declares himself for me in the presence of men, I will declare myself for him in the presence of my Father in Heaven. But the one who disowns me in the presence of men, I will disown in the presence of my Father in Heaven.”(Matthew 10:32,33)




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