The Catholic Southern Front

Chapter 9/58 – Auxilium Christianorum




The word ‘Antichrist’ is first used in scripture in 1 John 2:18,19: “An antichrist must come” and “now several antichrists have appeared.” The writer indicates that many who, “came out of our own number… left us to prove that not one of them ever belonged to us.” Here Saint John alludes to the ones who placed themselves against Christ and promulgated heretical teachings. 1 John 4 continues: “It is not every spirit, my dear people, that you can trust; test them, to see if they come from God, there are many false prophets, now, in the world. You can tell the spirits that come from God by this: every spirit which acknowledges that Jesus the Christ has come in the flesh is from God; but any spirit which will not say this of Jesus is not from God, but is the spirit of antichrist, whose coming you were warned about. Well, now he is here, in the world.” Again, in 2 John: “There are many deceivers in the world, refusing to admit that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. They are the Deceiver; they are the Antichrist.” The Prophet Daniel explains, rather predicted in Daniel 11:36, 37, that the Antichrist, will not worship his fathers’ God, nor love women (a pederast?), rather he will be one with war, will ‘utter great blasphemies against God,’ and magnify himself over all that is holy and be a persecutor of the Catholic Mass (the Sacrifice). The pagan Roman Emperors, Julian the Apostate, Totila, Attila, Genghis Khan, the Ottoman Sultans, Leo the Iconoclast, Photius a schismatic Patriarch of Constantinople, Napoleon, Hitler and Stalin all shared certain similarities and fit into Daniel’s description. In Revelation 19:20-21, the ‘man of lawlessness’ is likened to ‘the beast’ and to a ‘false prophet,’ therefore a false prophet who is knowledgeable of the scriptures.

Immediately following the Edict of Milan in 313, Arius promulgated the Arian heresy. Notwithstanding the efforts of the enemy, Our Lady was ever present to protect the Church and stem out the heresies, the heretics, the antichrists and the persecuting forces. Apart from the element of salvation, the Church is associated with spiritual militancy, Joel 2:10,11 says: “As they came on the earth quakes, The skies tremble, Sun and moon grow dark, The stars loose their brilliance. Yahweh makes his voice heard, At the head of his army, And indeed his regiments are innumerable, All-powerful is the one that carries out his orders, For great is the day of Yahweh, And very terrible – who can face it?”

The Roman Emperor Nero and all the other persecuting Emperors, in particular Diocletian, were possessed by a strong and perverse ‘Anti-Christian spirit.’ During the reign of Emperor Decius (249-251 AD) a great persecution arose against Christianity. In Ephesus, Turkey, seven Christian noble lads hid themselves in a cave on Mount Celius (or Celion). The lads were walled alive and the good Lord brought a slumber upon them, which lasted for a few hundred years. Some time between the years 408 to 450, whilst Emperor Theodosius II reigned, the stones walling the entrance were removed and the Seven Sleepers miraculously awoke and emerged to recount their story of persecution and salvation.

The Sleepers adjoined the Emperor, who reached Ephesus from Constantinople. On greeting them Emperor Theodosius II said that, as he saw them alive, it came clear to his mind the Lord’s teachings on the resurrection of the dead and the manner how all mankind will stand before him at the last judgement. Forsaken were the beliefs of the heretic Nestorius, Theodosius exclaimed that he was now certain all humanity, from the first to the last, would stand before the Lord at the last judgement. The Seven Sleepers replied that the good Lord has showed him His powers to uncover the heretics’ lies, for all will be raised on the last day before God their Creator and each one will be judged accordingly. Following this powerful and supernatural testimony of Faith, they lay down and died. Emperor Theodosius II had the bodies placed back into the cave and upon the site caused a shrine to be built, commemorating the astounding event. The Catholic Church holds the martyrs’ calendar feast day on July 27, while the Orthodox Christians on October 22 and 23. This miraculous event was essential, providing the necessary impetus Emperor Theodosius needed to stem out heresy in his realm and to favor Christianity. Interestingly, the Council of Ephesus in 431 was held during his reign and the Declaration of Chalcedon in 451, took place one year following his death. In 431, at Ephesus the Church Fathers declared that the Blessed Virgin was ‘Theotokos, the Mother of God’ and Nestorius’ theories on the Blessed Virgin and Jesus Christ, utterly disproved and condemned.

King Saint Edward the Confessor (1003-1066) received a vision of the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus. Edward witnessed the Sleepers as though he was beside them, and smiled as he saw them turning from the right to the left side. On realizing what the turning meant, the king understood that there was no reason for smiling, on the contrary, mourning would have been more appropriate. King Edward explained that, the turning signified the imminent unfolding of the verses in Matthew 12:6,7; “Surget gens contra gentem” or “…nation will fight against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.” The King prophesied that the Seven Sleepers had lain for many years on their right side and will lie for seventy more years on their left side, “…during these times there will occur great battles, great pestilences, great earthquakes and hunger throughout the world.”(1) The Emperor in the East, was informed of King Edward’s vision and the Seven Sleepers were found on their left side, just as the English King had indicated. Following King Edward’s death, his prophecy came true. The Paynims destroyed a great part of Syria and threw down both monasteries and churches, by pestilence and sword, streets, fields, and towns, lay full with dead people, Damascus was lost. The prince of Greece was slain, the Emperor was slain, the Kings of England and France were slain, and all the other realms of the world were greatly troubled with diverse diseases.

The spirit of Antichrist was manifest during the persecutions of Emperor Leo III the Iconoclast (717-741). Leo sent for Saint Germanus (or Ignatius) who was the Catholic Patriarch, he sought to convince the saint of Iconoclasm. Germanus refused and replied that: “Whoever would strive to abolish the veneration of sacred images was a precursor of ‘Antichrist,’ such a doctrine had the tendency to upset the mystery of the Incarnation.” He was ready to lay down his life for the sacred images, which were always venerated in the Church. Again, during the times of Spanish Queen Isabella the Catholic (1453-1504) and King Ferdinand, it was prophesied that the Antichrist would appear in Seville. That the forces of the King would embark from Cadiz, a dreadful battle would occur and the messianic forces of the Catholics would drive out the Moors and conquer Granada. These events came to pass and Islam was thus associated with the spirit of Antichrist.

Modern times have been terribly threatened by antichrists. Hitler the Nazi Aryan consecrated to Lucifer by the Thule Society, can well be identified as fitting the ‘antichrist’ personality. The others mentioned earlier can also quite fittingly be ‘awarded’ such a baleful title, however we must draw our attention to Saint Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2, to understand that a final and most ruthless ‘Antichrist’ is still to come. Saint Paul says: “To turn now, brothers, to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and how we shall all be gathered round him: please do not get excited too soon or alarmed by any prediction or rumor or any letter claiming to come from us, implying that the Day of the Lord has already arrived. Never let anyone deceive you in this way. It cannot happen until the Great Revolt has taken place and the Rebel, the Lost One, has appeared. This is the Enemy, the one who claims to be so much greater than all that men call ‘god’, so much greater than anything that is worshipped, that he enthrones himself in God’s sanctuary and claims that he is God… Rebellion is at its work already, but in secret, and the one who is holding it back has first to be removed before the Rebel appears openly. The Lord will kill him with the breath of his mouth and will annihilate him with his glorious appearance at his coming.”

Previous to the Second Crusade, Saint Bernard of Clairvaux composed the homilies on the Blessed Virgin; ‘De Laudibus Mariae’ and ‘De Gradibus Superbiae et Humilitatis.’ Saint Bernard of Clairvaux is the first recorded religious to refer to Our Lady’s ‘Compassion’ and associates this with our Lord’s suffering. She welcomes the ‘price of Redemption’ witnesses ‘Redemption’s starting point’ during our Lord’s passion and ‘liberates prisoners of war from their captivity.’ The late Pontiff, Pope John Paul II, in his work titled ‘Mother of the Redeemer,’ clearly identifies the ‘Woman’ with ‘Our Lady’: “She who as the one ‘Full of Grace’ was brought into the Mystery of Christ in order to be His Mother and thus the Holy Mother of God… remains in that mystery as ‘the Woman’ spoken of by the Book of Genesis (3:15) at the beginning…”(2) Understandably, the Lord Jesus Christ by His death and Resurrection could not have achieved a greater victory, however, Saint Bernard affirmed that humanity has essentially defeated Lucifer by virtue of the very existence of the Blessed Virgin. Saint Bernard wrote: “In the Most Holy Virgin the Church has already reached that perfection whereby she exists without spot or wrinkle.” For this very reason we associate both the Church and the Blessed Virgin with the ‘Woman’ of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12, for the ‘Woman’ is indeed the Church represented by Our Lady, assumed into heaven, body and soul.

When Edessa fell to Islam, Saint Bernard of Clairvaux was appointed by the Pope to preach a Second Crusade in the Holy Land, as he accomplished his mandate he was welcomed by many throughout Europe. Saint Bernard of Clairvaux preached: “Will you allow the infidels to contemplate in peace the ravages they have committed? The living God has charged me to declare to you that He will punish them who will not avenge Him against His enemies.”(3) Unfortunately, the Second Crusade failed and Bernard was blamed. The saint attributed this failure to the unfaithfulness shown on the part of the crusaders. Their sinfulness and the lack of trust in God, were the reasons for their undoing. Notwithstanding these events, a marvelous prophecy comes down to us from these days. In 1148, a certain Saint Malachy, the bishop and legate of Ireland and friend of Saint Bernard’s, died in his arms. Saint Malachy was buried at Clairvaux, in the Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In vision the legate had received the identity of the last one hundred and twelve future Pontiffs, whom he nicknamed and listed. Pope Clement III canonized Saint Malachy on July 6, 1199. According to Saint Malachy’s vision, Pontiff number 111, could well be Pope Benedict XVI, referred to as ‘The Glory of the Olive.’ This leaves one last Pope, number 112, referred by Malachy as ‘Peter the Roman.’ Saint Malachy described Peter the Roman:


“In persecutione extrema S.R.E. sedebit Petrus Romanus, qui pascet oves in multis tribulationibus: quibus transactis civitas septicollis diruetur, & Judex tremêdus judicabit populum suum. Finis” or: “In extreme persecution, the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep through many tribulations, at the term of which the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the formidable Judge will judge his people. The End.”(4)


Should we be alarmed? On March 18, 1974, Pope Saint Pius X expounded, “The Rock has always withstood the test of time. But one will be entered into the House of God, and woe to man when he places him upon the Seat of Peter, for then the Great Day of the Lord shall be at hand.” Matthew 24:15-18: “So when you see the disastrous abomination, of which the Prophet Daniel spoke, set up in the Holy Place, then those in Judea must escape to the mountains; if a man is on the housetop, he must not come down to collect his belongings; if a man is in the fields, he must not turn back to fetch his cloak.” This scriptural text reveals that the ‘man’ who places himself upon the seat of Peter, the ‘man of lawlessness,’ ‘the lost one’ or ‘the son of perdition’ mentioned in 2 Thessalonians 2:3, is non other than the Antichrist who fulfills the Masonic desire of placing a Masonic Pope to lord over the Catholic Church, as proved by the evidence provided in their own writings and their previous attempts. Other plans in accordance with the Kabalistic-Masonic pledge, is to rebuild the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, Israel, and the establishment of a Federal World Order, void of the true spirit of Christ, Salvation, Redemption and the Monotheistic Religions. If the coming of Antichrist does truly occur the Israeli people, at least the Adonai loving Jews, will be quick to recognize that he is no Messiah. Romans 11 will surely take place and the Israel will be grafted back into God’s Salvation History at the end of time. Thus the invitation is open to the Jews to acclaim Christ as the true Messiah of mankind and to gaze upon his mother the Queen as the Eternal Ark of the New Covenant and the New Temple of Solomon which will exist for eternity unlike the future Antichrist’s earthly temple.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church mentions in CCC 673-676, 673 (5)“Since the Ascension Christ’s coming in glory has been imminent, even though ‘it is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has fixed by his own authority.’ This eschatological coming could be accomplished at any moment, even if both it and the final trial that will precede it are ‘delayed’. 674 The glorious Messiah’s coming is suspended at every moment of history until his recognition by ‘all Israel’, for ‘a hardening has come upon part of Israel’ in their ‘unbelief’ toward Jesus. St Peter says to the Jews of Jerusalem after Pentecost: ‘Repent therefore, and turn again, that your sins may be blotted out, that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord, and that he may send the Christ appointed for you, Jesus, whom heaven must receive until the time for establishing all that God spoke by the mouth of his holy prophets from of old.’ St Paul echoes him: ‘For if their rejection means the reconciliation of the world, what will their acceptance mean but life from the dead?’ The ‘full inclusion’ of the Jews in the Messiah’s salvation, in the wake of ‘the full number of the Gentiles’, will enable the People of God to achieve ‘the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ’, in which ‘God may be all in all’. 675 Before Christ’s second coming the Church must pass through a final trial that will shake the faith of many believers. The persecution that accompanies her pilgrimage on earth will unveil the ‘mystery of iniquity’ in the form of a religious deception offering men an apparent solution to their problems at the price of apostasy from the truth. The supreme religious deception is that of the Antichrist, a pseudo-messianism by which man glorifies himself in place of God and of his Messiah come in the flesh. 676 The Antichrist’s deception already begins to take shape in the world every time the claim is made to realize within history that messianic hope which can only be realized beyond history through the eschatological judgement. The Church has rejected even modified forms of this falsification of the kingdom to come under the name of millenarianism, especially the ‘intrinsically perverse’ political form of secular messianism.”

Enough is said regarding ‘Antichrists,’ and we are invited to focus on the weapons, which Our Lord has provided us with. Point number CCC 744 clarifies: (6)“In the fullness of time the Holy Spirit completes in Mary all the preparations for Christ’s coming among the People of God. By the action of the Holy Spirit in her, the Father gives the world Emmanuel, ‘God-with-us’ (Mt 1:23).” Revelation 5 reveals in its fullness the Mercy of the Lord, for the reconciliation between all mankind and God, can only take place by way of the Lamb’s sacrifice, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the only One adorned with the authority to break the seven seals. Saint Louis-Marie Grignon de Montfort’s literary work, ‘Treatise on the True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin,’ describes ‘Mary’s special part in the last days.’ Firstly, mentioning Saint Bernard of Clairveaux, Saint Louis-Marie describes the manner in which in the last days, the people will turn more arduously than ever before to the invocation of Our Lady’s help. “After this, I will pour out my spirit on all mankind. Your sons and daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men see visions.” (Joel 3:1,2) Saint Bernard of Clairvaux’s interpretation of the prophet reveals that: “All the riches of the people will supply your countenance from generation to generation, and especially in the last days of the world.”(7) According to Saint Louis-Marie Grignon de Montfort’s understanding, during this time, “…the greatest saints, the souls richest in graces and in virtues, will be the most assiduous in praying to the Blessed Virgin and in having her constantly before their minds as the perfect model for their imitation, and as their powerful aid to sustain and assist them.”(8) Therefore, Saint Louis-Marie Grignon de Montfort associates the ones whom Joel refers to as the “receivers of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit,” with the ones dedicated and consecrated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. There is no distinction between the two groups; they are one and the same body.

Subsequently, Saint Louis-Marie Grignon describes Saint Vincent Ferrier’s understanding on the manner in which the Catholic priests and lay people consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin, will lead a multitude back to God and build the temple of the true Solomon and the mystical city of God. Saint Louis points out the fact that the ‘temple of the true Solomon’ and the ‘mystical city of God,’ both allude to and prefigure the person of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Further elucidating his point by reciting Psalm 58, the Saint describes ‘the city’ humankind finds at the end of the world, quenching fully its hunger for justice, this city which is none other than the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The New Jerusalem descends from Heaven and the ‘Woman’ the Eternal Ark of the New Testament is dwelling there, as Mr. Scott Hahn affirms in ‘Hail, Holy Queen,’ Our Lady dwells in the heavenly metropolis. As Saint Louis-Marie Grignon explains further, Our Lady’s work is to proclaim her Son Jesus Christ, who has to be revealed, loved and absolutely served. Hers is the task to proclaim the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. She is to shine in those days exceedingly in Mercy, in Power and in supernatural Grace. Alas, Saint Louis mentions the fact that persecutions will increase daily until the time of Antichrist. The quintessential enmity created by God, between the ‘Woman’ and the ‘Serpent’ or ‘Dragon/Devil,’ will be most manifest in those days, witnessing an increase in hostility between the children of the ‘Woman’ and the children of the Devil. Quoting Saint Louis-Marie Grignon, the religious consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary will be: “Sharp spears in the hand of Mary most powerful, to pierce her enemies. The Queen of Heaven and Earth will spread the Empire of God upon sinful Earth.”(9) And against the threat of Antichrist we have the soothing words of Jesus Christ repeated by Pope John Paul II, “Be not afraid!”

Evidently today’s prayer groups and associations, such as the Confraternity of Our Lady, the Legion of Mary, the Blue Army, the Militia Immaculata, Opus Dei, the Marian Movement of Priests and all the other Catholic organizations based on the recitation of the Holy Rosary, are the realization of the prophetic words of Saint Louis-Marie Grignon de Montfort. However, a Christian does not necessarily need be a member of such groups to shake off his or her ‘lukewarmness.’ The Church advises the frequent partaking of the sacraments, the recitation of the Holy Rosary and consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

In 1830, in a convent of the Sisters of Charity in Paris, France, twenty four-year-old novice Catherine Laboure was awakened in the middle of the night by a five-year-old child, inviting her to the Chapel for the Blessed Virgin was waiting. As Catherine descended towards the Chapel, the candles were lit. At midnight she heard the rustle of silk and she gazed upwards to behold an apparition of Our Lady surrounded in a blaze of white light. Our Lady warned Catherine regarding the world’s future, and a second apparition revealed Our Lady in the image of Genesis 3:15. She appeared to be pregnant with child, holding an orb topped with a golden cross, standing upon a white globe and a green serpent beneath her feet, surrounding the Blessed Virgin was an oval shape with the words, ‘O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.’ Our Lady desired this image be struck into a medal and on the reverse, the letter ‘M’ surmounted by a cross, and below it two hearts, one crowned with a crown of thorns, and the other pierced by a sword. Truly therefore, by this apparition to Sister Catherine Laboure, Our Lady gives mankind the clear sign and confirmation, that she is indeed and without a shadow of doubt, the ‘Woman’ of Genesis 3:15: “I will make you enemies of each other: you (the ‘Serpent’) and the Woman, your offspring and her offspring. It will crush your head and you will strike its heel.”

The apparition of the Blessed Virgin expectant with Child, confirms that she is the ‘Woman’ of Revelation chapter 12: “Now a great sign appeared in heaven: a Woman, adorned with the sun, standing on the moon, and with twelve stars on her head for a crown. She was pregnant, and in labor, crying aloud in the pangs of childbirth… The Woman brought a male child into the world, the Son who was to rule all the nations with an iron scepter… Then the Dragon was enraged with the Woman and went away to make war on the rest of her children, that is, all who obey God’s commandments and bear witness for Jesus.”

While the first Eve ‘befriended’ the ‘Serpent’ and followed his suggestions, the ‘Woman’ of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12, the ‘New Eve’ (Nicea I, 325 AD) is his nemesis and sure cause of his downfall. A situation of humiliation for the ‘Serpent’ as the Blessed Virgin Mary is the Queen of Angels. The ‘Serpent’ or ‘Dragon/Devil’ must pay homage to the Queen while her offspring, steadily and definitely, crushes his head. In his turn the Devil attempts to harm: “All who obey God’s commandments and bear witness for Jesus.” The ‘New Eve’ will bring mankind back to God, for she is the ‘Co-Redemptrix, Advocate and Mediatrix of all Graces.’

Fleming suggests that this struggle is also depicted in the stars. At the North Pole the three constellations, the constellation of Ursa Minor (having Stella Maris, the North Star or Polaris), the constellation of Ursa Major and the third constellation of Draco. Mary being associated with Stella Maris is the central axis as the heavens revolves around her, while she constantly crushes the ‘Dragon’ beneath her heel. The renowned explorer Christopher Columbus, was especially aware of this stellar representation, and adopted a particular signature to mirror the central position of Polaris in the northern sky. Columbus and his crew commended themselves to Our Lady Star of the Sea. Fernando Columbus, the navigator’s son, wrote regarding his father, that the name ‘Christopher Columbus’ was particularly fitting. For it represents both ‘Christopher’ the military saint renowned for having carried the Christ Child across a river and the symbol of ‘the dove’ by way of the surname ‘Columbus.’ Christopher, “…carried the grace of the Holy Spirit to the New World.” Fernando also recalled the figure of the dove, as it left Noah’s ark bearing the olive branch, so was his father bearing the oil of baptism to the American Indios.

Indeed, while Saint John baptized the Lord, the Holy Spirit descended upon Christ in the shape of a dove. In 1946, the symbolic representation of the dove was manifest during the celebration of the centenary of Pope John IV’s proclamation of Our Lady as Queen of Portugal. Doves fluttered to the pedestal of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima and would not be dislodged, on the same day at the Immaculate Conception Church of Rio de Janeiro; a dove flew during Mass and comfortably perched on the altar cross. Recently, on January 30, 2005, when following the Angelus prayer a little boy close by Pope John Paul II let free a few doves from his balcony window at the Vatican, the creatures returned back to the Pontiff, perching close by. The doves were freed as a sign of peace. That day Pope John Paul II had urged young people to pray for peace and become courageous and tenacious builders of peace. Peace comes only through the observance and advancement of the Ten Commandments and the adherence to the teachings of the Roman Church. A similar episode had occurred in 1979 when Pope John Paul II visited South America. Three doves had perched on the airplane’s wings and remained there till takeoff. In the book titled ‘Mysteries, Marvels, Miracles In the ‘Lives of the Saints’’ by Joan Carroll Cruz, (1997, page 456-457), the author gives a possible explanation of this phenomenon explaining what the three doves could represent. The writer postulates: “The Fatima doves, always numbering three, have been taken to symbolize the third centennial of the consecration, the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity, the three children who saw Our Lady at Fatima and the three theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity. They could also represent Our Lady as daughter of the Father, Mother of the Son, and spouse of the Holy Spirit. Above all, the doves, being white, represent purity, especially that of our Holy Mother.” The apparition of Our Lady at Fatima therefore, should focus the world’s attention on the Christian baptism and invites all to partake of this sacrament and become Christians.

The third secret of Fatima, revealed by Cardinal Ratzinger during Pope John Paul II’s pontificate, is described by Sister Lucia in the following manner: “After the two parts which I have already explained, at the left of Our Lady and a little above, we saw an Angel with a flaming sword in his left hand; flashing, it gave out flames that looked as though they would set the world on fire; but they died out in contact with the splendor that Our Lady radiated towards him from her right hand: pointing to the earth with his right hand, the Angel cried out in a loud voice: “Penance, Penance, Penance!” And we saw in an immense light that is God, something similar to how people appear in a mirror when they pass in front of it, a Bishop dressed in White, we had the impression that it was the Holy Father and other Bishops, Priests, men and women. Religious going up a steep mountain, at the top of which there was a big Cross of rough-hewn trunks as of a cork-tree with the bark; before reaching there the Holy Father passed through a big city half in ruins and half trembling with halting step, afflicted with pain and sorrow, he prayed for the souls of the corpses he met on his way; having reached the top of the mountain, on his knees at the foot of the big Cross he was killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him, and in the same way there died one after another the other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious, and various lay people of different ranks and positions. Beneath the two arms of the Cross there were two Angels each with a crystal aspersorium in his hand, in which they gathered up the blood of the Martyrs and with it sprinkled the souls that were making their way to God.”(10)

Speculation abounds regarding the interpretation of this message. Essentially it deals with a general apostasy in Faith amongst the religious and lay people. The passage definitely deals with the death of a Pope. Some Christians speculate that Cardinal Luciani, later Pope John Paul I, died amidst rumors that he was murdered. However, this is quite surely not so. It is only a matter of speculation to refer to Pope John Paul I as the Pontiff mentioned in the third secret. On May 13, 1981, sixty four years following Our Lady’s first apparition at Fatima, the attempt by the Bulgarian/Russian KGB assigning a Turkish hitman to assassinate Pope John Paul II failed, for Our Lady miraculously protected the Pontiff. The doctors themselves affirmed that the unnatural path, which the bullet traversed missing by millimeters vital organs, was evidently scientifically unexplainable. Following his convalescence, the surviving Pontiff re-informed himself regarding the apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima and the contents of the diary of Sister Faustina Kowalska of the Divine Mercy. As a sign of thanksgiving, Pope John Paul II had the extracted bullet placed within the crown of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima. This was definitely a wake up call for the Church to consecrate Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart in the proper requested manner. In May 1982, while on pilgrimage at Fatima, the Pontiff declared that: “Our Mother Mary’s appeal at Fatima causes the whole Church to feel obliged to respond to Our Lady’s requests… The message imposes a commitment on her…” On March 25, 1984, the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary together with the Bishops was accomplished.

Sister Lucia said to Father De Marchi: “In 1940 I wrote to the bishop referring to the failure to fulfil Our Lady’s wishes. I wrote: ‘If only the world knew the moment of grace that is conceded and would do penance!’ In the letter which, by order of my spiritual directors, I wrote to the Holy Father in 1940, I exposed the exact request of our Lady and asked for the Consecration of the world with special mention of Russia.”(11) Therefore, Our Lady’s request was that the Holy Father and all the bishops should consecrate Russia on the same day. Sister Lucia confirmed that had it (the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady) been done as requested there would have been no Second World War. Lucia gives the reason: ‘as Russia would have been converted.’ So, no Second World War if Russia was properly consecrated! It is hard to understand why the Consecration of Russia previous to the War would have, as Sister Lucia said, avoided a Second World War. It is possible that if Russia were consecrated and therefore ‘converted’ previously to the War, Hitler would have encountered certain impassable difficulties. As the Third Reich invaded Austria and Czechoslovakia, the rest of the World, as yet, did not declare war upon Nazi Germany. The difficulty, which Hitler would have encountered, was the enigmatic Polish question. Previously to Nazi Germany’s invasion of Poland, a pact was sealed with the Russians, on the manner in which conquered Poland would be partitioned. On September 1, 1939, the Third Reich invaded Poland from the Western border, while on September 17, 1939, the Communist Russians invaded Catholic Poland from the East. As previously agreed, Poland was partitioned. Following the Polish invasion the Allied War on Nazi Germany was declared. A rather speculative but pertinent question arises: If, previously to World War Two, Communist Russia was properly consecrated to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart, and thus ‘converted,’ would such a new Russian State negotiate such horrendous terms with Nazi Germany? A refusal of Russia to support Nazi plans for a Polish invasion would have potentially arrested the progress of the ambitious German Fuhrer and his Third Reich, from the inevitable course of events. A non-Communist Russia would have also encouraged the Western World to negotiate an alliance sooner, replacing the eventual August 28, 1939, Nazi-Soviet Pact, and the West (in particular Britain, France and USA) would have probably been pleased to cooperate with Russia at an earlier stage. Sir Winston Churchill wrote a superb account of the Second World War. In ‘The Gathering Storm,’ Prime Minister Winston Churchill states that on May 4, 1939, he stressed the point in the English Parliament that: “Above all, time must not be lost. Ten or twelve days have already passed since the Russian offer was made (French-Anglo-Russian Alliance)…Not only must the full co-operation of Russia be accepted, but the three Baltic States, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, must also be brought into association.”(12) Therefore, the will of certain MP’s in England for the formation of this Alliance was present, so was this will present on the Russian side, for the offer was launched from Russia. However, Russia was Communist and the eventual refusal of the Alliance by the British, pushed the Russians into the Nazi-Soviet Pact of August 28, 1939. A Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the 1930’s would have possibly avoided the Second World War and the future Cold War. The theory as explained above could be quite plausible for a similar refusal and late acceptance of a consecration to one of the two Holy Hearts had already occurred (Saint Mary Margaret – 1689) in a refusal, with disastrous repercussions to the French Monarchy in 1789. Ironically, the Lord decreed that the sacrificed Country of Poland would bear forth a Polish Pontiff, who would consecrate Russia in 1984. Sir Winston Churchill wrote: “If, for instance, Mr. Chamberlain on receipt of the Russian offer had replied, “Yes. Let us three band together and break Hitler’s neck,” or words to that effect, Parliament would have approved, Stalin would have understood, and history might have taken a different course. At least it could not have taken a worse.”(13) Sir Winston Churchill might have appreciated the fact that the Second World War could have been avoided with an early consecration of the USSR to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. So would have everyone, but it was not done and Christians did not see to it that the consecration would be done in time.

The third secret of Fatima is exceptionally similar to yet another prophecy granted to a saint who was devout towards Our Lady. In Italy, Turin, Saint John Bosco promulgated the devotion to ‘Mary Help of Catholics.’ On May 24 (Feast of Our Lady Help of Christians) Don Bosco had a dream which he described to his beloved oratory boys on May 30, 1862. Saint Bosco explained that he witnessed a large ship representing the Church, and many smaller ones which received orders to battle an innumerable amount of enemy ships, all arranged in battle formation and equipped with every kind and sort of weapon. In the distance two mighty pillars arose from the Sea, above the highest one was the Sacred Host with the words ‘Salus Credential’ or ‘Salvation of the Faithful.’ Upon the second column, was a statue of the Immaculate Virgin having the words ‘Auxilium Christianorum’ or ‘Help of Christians.’ As the Pontiff tried to secure the Ship between the two columns, he was wounded and fell dead. Those beside him immediately elected a second Pontiff, however, the second Pope fell and also died. The enemy shouts filled the sky for they claimed victory. Hardly had this second Pontiff died, that a third replaced him, the adversaries lost their courage, the new Pontiff placed the enemy to rout, overcame every obstacle, guided the ship to both columns and anchors securely. A great cataclysm ensued; enemy ships scattered, collided and broke to bits. Many smaller ships attached themselves to the large ship, while the enemies were totally destroyed. A great calm came over the sea.

Saint John Bosco’s prayer to Our Lady, expresses her authority as the Mother of God and Help of Catholics. “Mary, most powerful Virgin, You are the mighty and glorious Protector of the Church. You are the marvelous Help of Catholics. You are awe-inspiring as an army in battle array. You have destroyed heresy in the world. In the midst of our anguish, our struggle and our distress defend us from the power of the enemy, and at the hour of our death receive our soul into heaven. Amen.” Saint Bosco witnessed the Pontiff who attempted at securing the Ship between two columns, of Our Lady and of the Holy Eucharist. On receiving the Sacrament of the Eucharist, and therefore becoming one with Jesus Christ, isn’t the Catholic united with Him? Is not the Catholic truly becoming a child of Our Lady, the ‘New Eve?’ Therefore, we are not to be surprised that in Revelation 12: “The Dragon was enraged with the Woman and went away to make war on the rest of her children, that is, all who obey God’s commandments and bear witness for Jesus.” For truly the Faithful are the children of ‘Theotokos, the Mother of God.’

I submit for the reflection of all, some significant words which Pope Paul VI spoke in 1977, one year previous to his death, words which are recorded in the book, “The Secret Paul VI,” by Jean Guitton, Paris, 1980, pgs 152 and 153: “There is a great uneasiness, at this time, in the world and in the Church, and that which is in question in the faith. It so happens now that I repeat to myself the obscure phrase of Jesus in the Gospel of St. Luke: ‘When the Son of Man returns, will He still find faith on the earth?’ It so happens that there are books coming out in which the faith is in retreat on some important points, that the episcopates are remaining silent and these books are not looked upon as strange. This, to me, is strange. I sometimes read the Gospel passage of the end times and I attest that, at this time, some signs of this end are emerging…. Are we close to the end? This we will never know…… We must always hold ourselves in readiness, but everything could last a very long time yet. What strikes me, when I think of the Catholic world, is that within Catholicism, there seems sometimes to predominate a non-Catholic way of thinking, and it can happen that this non-Catholic thought within Catholicism, will tomorrow become the stronger. But it will never represent the thought of the Church. It is necessary that a small flock subsist, no matter how small it might be.”(14) So does Pope Benedict XVI repeat this prayer. At the Opening Homily, Synod of Bishops, October 2nd, 2005, Rome, in His Holiness’s words: “…the Lord is also crying out to our ears the words that in the Book of Revelation he addresses to the Church of Ephesus: “If you do not repent I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place.” Light can also be taken away from us and we do well to let this warning ring out with its full seriousness in our hearts, while crying to the Lord: “Help us to repent! Give all of us the grace of true renewal! Do not allow your light in our midst to blow out! Strengthen our faith, our hope and our love, so that we can bear good fruit!” Undoubtedly, His Holiness’ reference to the lampstand, represents the guiding Church, the Holy See in Rome. The present Pontiff points out what could happen and what might come to pass. Is it a possibility that if we, the Catholics and Christians do not repent of our ways, the Holy See would be removed from Rome? Recalling what Saint Eymard postulated during the times when the people went shipwreck in their Faith in North Africa, (apostatized embracing Islam in the years 600-800 AD), we should have an idea what Pope Benedict means. Saint Peter Julian Eymard commented that the Lord abandoned the Tabernacles in this region, and that when the Lord leaves His tabernacles, He would never return.

The Russian philosopher and writer, Vladimir Soloviev, describes a theologically sapient Antichrist who authored a book, “The Open Way to World Peace and Welfare” which His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI comments in his latest book, Jesus of Nazareth, saying: “…this book becomes something of a new Bible, whose real message is the worship of well-being and rational planning.” The Antichrist arrives on the world scene pledging many false promises. Pope Benedict is warning us, he clearly states that the Antichrist is among us. His Holiness says: “the common practice today is to measure the Bible against the so-called modern worldview, whose fundamental dogma is that God cannot act in history – that everything to do with God is to be relegated to the domain of subjectivity. And so the Bible no longer speaks of God, the living God; no, now we alone speak and decide what God can do and what we will and should do. And the Antichrist, with an air of scholarly excellence, tells us that any exegesis that reads the Bible from the perspective of faith in the living God, in order to listen to what God has to say, is fundamentalism; he wants to convince us that only his kind of exegesis, the supposedly purely scientific kind, in which God says nothing and has nothing to say, is able to keep abreast of the times.”(15) The Antichrist is indeed among us, but he will not convince everyone, for: “…false christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect-if that were possible”(Matthew 24:1-51).

Let us be encouraged by the words of Pope John Paul II who said to the writer Vittorio Messori in ‘Crossing The Threshold of Hope,’ pgs. 220-221, that such a return to devotion resulting in the consecration to Mary will end in, not victory for Christ in His Second Coming, but in the triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart. Pope John Paul II said: “’Be not afraid!’ Christ said to the apostles (Luke 24:36) and to the women (Matthew 28:10) after the Resurrection. According to the Gospels, these words were not addressed to Mary. Strong in her faith, she had no fear. Mary’s participation in the victory of Christ became clear to me above all from the experience of my people. Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski told me that his predecessor, Cardinal August Hlond, had spoken these prophetic words as he was dying: ‘The victory, if it comes, will come through Mary.’ During my pastoral ministry in Poland, I saw for myself how those words were coming true. After my election as Pope, as I became more involved in the problems of the universal Church, I came to have a similar conviction: On this universal level, if victory comes it will be brought by Mary. Christ will conquer through her, because He wants the Church’s victories now and in the future to be linked to her.”(16) The Catechism of the Catholic Church mentions clearly: CCC 972 “…the Mother of Jesus, in the glory which she possesses in body and soul in heaven, is the image and the beginning of the Church as it is to be perfected in the world to come. Likewise she shines forth on earth, until the day of the Lord shall come, a sign of certain hope and comfort to the pilgrim People of God.”(17) Following Pope John Paul II election as the 264th Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church, ‘Be not afraid’ were his first words to the crowds gathered at Saint Peter’s Square. Therefore, let us not be afraid! For Jesus Christ has defeated Death with His Resurrection and together with Our Lady, is with us, for the Christian God is with his people! Our Lord in 1689 and later Our Lady at Fatima in 1917 had both after all revealed to us: “My Sacred Heart will prevail despite my enemies” and “…in the end, my Immacualte Heart will triumph!”

Throughout the ages, mankind felt the proximity of the end of days arriving with calamities of war, plague and the profane spirit of ‘Antichrist.’ The Blessed Virgin is by humanity’s side and ever ready to defend her race, from the ceaseless attacks of the race of Belial. Our Lady, the Queen of Heaven and Earth, is the chief saint to have wrought such works of intercession for us. Saints such as Saint John the Baptist, Saint Michael, Saint George, Saint Joan of Arc, Saint Spiridione of Corfu, Saints Peter, Paul and Luke, Saint Agatha and all the rest of the saints, have also acted in times of conflict as intercessors. Probably, the role of Saint Joseph is to be pondered upon. Even more relevant for our age, is the intercessory role the Holy Family of Nazareth, as a unit, has before Almighty God. To conclude, it is evident that when the final day dawns, bringing to an end the enmity between heaven and hell, resulting in the promised and assured victory of the ‘Woman,’ the ‘small flock’ must persistently, courageously and with all its might, seek her assistance with prayers and petitions, confidently raised towards her, our heavenly Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary.




“The Fear of the Lord, is the beginning of Wisdom”(Psalm III:10)













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