The Catholic Southern Front

The Protestant Soldier and the Icon of Our Lady (II)

The Protestant Soldier and the Icon of Our Lady (II)

Once I had gathered my wits, I found that I was still holding the icon in my hands. I would never rid myself of it again. I later took it home with me as a souvenir of the great protection that I had had from it. So I put my treasure in the inside pocket of my jacket.

That night, we counter attacked. Machine and submachine guns sowed death in our ranks. During a lull, I felt my chest for my icon. To my amazement I found a bullet imbedded in its back, which was covered with a fairly thick layer of copper. That bullet should have pierced my heart. I was so moved and full of gratitude that tears came to my eyes. Then I placed my dear Madonna back on my heart.

This all took place many years ago. But I have never forgotten how the icon of the Mother of God saved my life. I told this story to my wife and my children. The whole family now lovingly venerates Our Lady who brought back a father safely to his children, and a husband safely to his wife.

Today, the icon hangs in a niche in a place of honor in our home. Every day, my family and I gather around Our Lady, adorned with flowers and lit candles, to say our prayers. Why has devotion to Mary, Mother of Jesus, been deleted from our religion?

Saarbrucken (Germany), November 22, 1948 (by A. Dewald).
Reported and translated by Brother Albert Plfeger, Marist, in his Recueil Marial 1980


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